3 Ways to Use Your Site to Love Your Community for the Holidays Blog Feature

By: Luke Marzano

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3 Ways to Use Your Site to Love Your Community for the Holidays

Best Practices

Now that the church is entering one of its busy seasons, it is time to double down and minister to your community through your website even more! Here are 3 ways that you can love your community through your website this holiday season.

Be Organized During Their Chaos

For many, it seems like life speeds up around this time, and people quickly lose track of time, schedules, and sanity. If you organize your church’s information along with events including youth group, small group, bible studies, and more directly from your homepage, you are providing an easily accessible organizer for all your members. Since you are placing it on or linking from your homepage to your organized events, this is saving your community time and frustration to find the answers they need quickly and easily.

Call to Action

This is the time when potential new members, unsaved loved ones of current members, and travelers may be visiting digitally before they arrive physically. Your website can provide the answer to the question they didn’t know they were asking. By breaking down your ministries, mission statement, holiday events, and volunteer work, you are providing your visitors with an opportunity to get involved by adding a Call to Action throughout your site. For example, adding a Sign-Up form on your Community Outreach page/section gives them the opportunity to be a part of your ministry. With the same thought, adding an “Email Us” link that links directly to your main email allows anyone to reach out with potential questions they may have about your service, your services, or anything in between even before they set foot in the building. 

Spread His Good News

Even without having to be in the church building, your online visitors can see and hear God’s word through your website. Whether its linking to your latest sermon from the homepage or adding a graphic with scripture, your site is an extended arm of your ministry. You can also share quotes from your members on what they’ve taken away from being a part of your community. This encourages and builds relationships even with new visitors as they see God’s love work through your ministry one page at a time!

The big takeaway from all of this, is that what you are doing for the kingdom doesn’t stop in the building. Your website extends your reach to the community during a time when the holiday rush may seem chaotic. These were just 3 ways to extend your ministry through your website for the holiday season. What other ways have you used your site to reach people? We’d love to hear from you!

Next Steps

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