3 Ways to Market Your Church for Easter Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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3 Ways to Market Your Church for Easter

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As the Easter season nears, people throughout your community will be seeking out church services to attend. Make sure they’re finding your church by paying careful attention to how you are digitally marketing your Easter events and programs!

Especially this year, you’ll be marketing your Easter services to a variety of audiences:

  • Your regular members will need details about the Easter events you have scheduled;
  • Many who have been homebound will feel safe attending in-person events for Easter, and they’ll want to know what health and safety protocols are in place — while others who must still stay home will want to know how to view your services online;
  • And as times remain uncertain and unstable, many first-time or lapsed churchgoers will be seeking out the reassurance and renewal that Easter services provide.

People will be looking to your church for answers — and fortunately, there are ways you can connect with all these individuals through digital channels. Here’s a look at the BEST ways to market your church for Easter:

1. Fine-Tune Your Website Homepage

For many people, your homepage is their first impression of your church; if it’s out of date, or if Easter isn’t specifically mentioned, visitors will likely look elsewhere. This doesn’t have to mean overhauling your site: Clover offers section-based editing that lets you quickly highlight Easter with a rotating banner, an Easter-themed photo, or a branded Easter graphic. And when the Easter season is over, you just log back in and edit that section back to its “standard” look (or tailor it for the next special event you want to highlight). It’s quick and easy, and it lets you build excitement for the Easter events at your church.

2. Strengthen Your Social Media

Just as people will be searching Google for “Easter services” or “churches near me,” they’ll also be checking out social media to find out what churches have planned — so you want to make sure they find your church. With Clover, for example, you can easily link to your social media accounts from your website, so people who visit (and who get inspired by the awesome Easter updates you’ve made to your homepage) can go directly to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to get a better sense of your church’s mission and culture. Clover sites also make it easy for church members to post your web content directly to their social media feeds, to help get the word out about your church’s Easter programs.

3. Look to your Livestream

As you know, livestreaming is now essential for all churches — and it goes way beyond offering a live video of your service. Whether they’re long-time members or first-time guests, you want people who are worshiping from home to feel just as engaged as if they were sitting in a pew. A strong livestreaming add-on (Clover has a great one, of course) will let you offer a contact page so people can reach a minister if they have questions or would like to respond to the sermon in any way, plus links to your prayer page, calendars, and small groups that help bring your mission to life. There’s no better way to market your church than to make sure people who attend your services — virtually or in person — feel welcomed and connected

Next Steps

Need help using your church website to promote your ministries throughout the year? Clover Sites has a team of design experts who would love to help you navigate this process. Connect with us here to see our design concepts and set up a call to talk about your church website.