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New Green Thumb: Ministries Without Borders

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We wanted to start the new year highlighting an organization that has done more than just create a beautiful website. Ministries Without Borders is a charity that travels to nations all over the world - including Cuba, Nepal and the Philippines - to provide disaster relief, medical aid, feeding programs, water irrigation and education to those in need. The work they're doing around the world is inspiring and we definitely recommend that you take a second to read, listen to or watch some of the stories they've collected on their website.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding these messages - Ministries Without Borders created a clean website that's very easy to navigate and fun to explore. Each page on their site features stunning images and direct, simple messaging. We also love how sleek and organized the new media player looks on their site. Check out their website today to learn about how you can help this great organization with their mission to make this world a safer and happier place.

Ministries Without Borders

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