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New Green Thumb: Lighthouse Church

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It takes a pretty impressive website to make the entire Customer Relations team gather around one monitor to check it out together. This week we did exactly that with Lighthouse Church's beautiful site. There's a consistency to their website that makes it feel sleek and modern without losing that welcoming feeling a church website should give you. All of their pages are short and to the point, delivering their message in a very straightforward and convenient way.

The photography on their site is also worth mentioning - every page greets you with a minimalistic image with a subtle overlay effect added. Although they used this effect in their gallery sections, you can add a similar effect to the background images using our new background blending mode feature. Interestingly, these photos aren't of the people in their congregation or the pastor in front of the pulpit - in fact, none of these gallery images feature a single person's face, deciding instead to highlight locations and actions. This unique design decision makes their website relatable and adds a cool feel to their pages.

If you're interested in doing something similar with your site, check out our help article for photo resources in the Help Center and definitely give Lighthouse Church's site a visit for more inspiration!

Lighthouse Church

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