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New Green Thumb: Mosaic Community Church

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It's always so cool to see you guys take one of our designs and really make it your own, like Mosaic Community Church did with their new website. Taking advantage of our Solstice design's spacious layout, they were able to create a welcoming site that invites you right in. Everything is really organized, so even though there is a lot of content on their pages you never feel overwhelmed and their use of whitespace gives their site a very open feeling. We especially love how consistent they kept things by using repeating colors, fonts and themes across their pages. And the way they used our Donation buttons for their call to actions was a really nice touch.

Mosaic Community Church

Site Design: Solstice



Let us know when your website is live so we can check it out! We love to see what you guys create and we may even highlight your site on social media or pick it to be our next Green Thumb. Don't forget to comment below or shoot a Tweet over to @CloverSites!