New Green Thumb: Vintage Church Blog Feature

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New Green Thumb: Vintage Church

Green Thumbs | Clover Sites 3

I'm not gonna lie - it was pretty intimidating trying to decide which Clover website should be our first Green Thumb for Clover Sites 3. Luckily, Vintage Church helped me out and made a website that was just too good to ignore. Their gallery images are bold, their content is straightforward and they used their icons in such an original way (check out their What to Expect Page to see what I mean). The end result is a beautiful, streamlined site that never feels cluttered or chaotic. If you're looking for inspiration as you work on your website, I really recommend you check out their home page (and maybe give them a cyber high five while you're there). Awesome job, Vintage Church - we're stoked to feature you as our first official Green Thumb for CS3.


Vintage Church

Site Design: Bloom



Want to see your website featured on our blog? Show us what you've been working on (we love to see what you guys create) and we may highlight your site on social media or even pick it to be our next Green Thumb. Comment below or shoot a Tweet over to @CloverSites!