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Clover Sites 3: List Section

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One of the things that makes section-based editing so great is how easy it is to add features many of us use. Let's say you wanted to add a list of staff members to your website - normally you’d have to manually create the list from scratch. With our new List Section, we do all the hard work so you can focus on the content.

The list section for Clover Sites 3, launching this summer, is the perfect place to show who’s on your team, highlight campuses, list your services and a lot of other things. And since the list section uses the same text and photo editors as the rest of the site, there’s really nothing new for you to learn. Let’s take a look.

Lists and Grids
You can use a list section in a modern grid layout or a classic list format to display your info in different ways. And, we’ve made sure it’s easy to switch between the two layouts any time.


Editing Lists
We know your ministry is constantly growing and changing. That’s why we made adding new list items (or removing old ones) just as dynamic. With (literally) one click, you can add a new list item that’s all ready for your new content. And you can keep clicking to create as many as you need.


Reordering Lists
You can completely reorder your list section anytime by just dragging and dropping. The other items in the list slide out of the way and when it’s where you want to place it, you’re all set.