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Clover Sites 3: Fonts

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One of the things we've heard lots of you asking for is more text control with Clover Sites 3. Text takes up such a huge portion of your website, it makes sense that you'd want more control over how it appears.

There are so many ways to customize your text in Clover Sites 3. From site-wide font palettes and customization, to fine-grained, advanced level control on a per-section basis, we've made sure you have the options you need.

Choosing a Palette
All of our new site designs come with unique font palettes that our design team created to help you easily customize the look and feel of your website with just a couple clicks. You can instantly see how each one will look on the page, and when you save it, the change will automatically update all text across your entire website.


Changing Fonts
Along with the font palettes, you'll have a lot of custom font options that you can dig into. You'll be able to see how your text looks throughout your website, and change it as much as you want.


Customizing Text
You can literally redesign every aspect of your text, including the size and style, or just change one thing, like the spacing between characters in one section of your site.