[episode 3] Dear Clover Classic: Text Editor Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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[episode 3] Dear Clover Classic: Text Editor

Company News | Clover Sites 3

**Editor's note: If you are already using CS3, you know how great a Text Editor can be. If you're still using Clover Classic, this post is for you!**

With the current version of Clover Sites, adding text to your website is as simple as possible. We take care of pretty much everything related to the design so you can literally just type and never have to think about the styling of your text (with the exception of things like bold, italic, and a couple options for text size). Check out the video below -- we explain everything! 

With Clover Sites 3, we wanted to keep that simplicity so you can just use it the way it's designed and not give it a second thought. At the same time, we also felt it was important to really expand what's possible, and give you more creative control — if you want it. So, we built a brand new text editor from scratch and we're excited to show you. Here's a look at it:

The text editor can make or break the entire website editing experience. And it's one of those pieces that website solutions don't pay that much attention to in most cases. As a result, actually using it to write or edit text ends up being a big headache and in some cases can be the most buggy piece of the product for the customers to use. 

Long story short, we made a text editor of our own -- built from scratch and decided to use that instead and really make something amazing. Just for you! 

The justification was this. Text makes up such a large portion of anyone's website, and we really want to make that whole experience flawless so the tool itself becomes secondary to your content, and it just simply works. We think we've done that with the new text editing experience and we can't wait for you to try it.

And of course, as with everything there's a lot more we could say about how this will all work. We could talk about how you'll have simplified controls automatically when in Easy mode, so things are as clean and uncluttered as possible. And how if you toggle to Advanced mode you'll get additional options to really customize everything, down to line height, inline images, and even the HTML source if you're inclined to tinker. And of course you'll have the ability to change fonts, text size, and colors - even on a word by word basis if you really want (we suggest keeping your styling simple tho -- for the sake of those who read what you write).

Bottom line? The text editor is one of those things you probably won't ever think about when using the new Greenhouse, and that's exactly the way it should be. A powerfully simple editing experience that just works and doesn't get in your way.

If you're ready to give Clover Sites 3 a try, click here to learn about Transition Mode and you could be up and running (with your FREE upgrade) over a weekend!