If You're Not Using Clover Sites 3 . . .You Should Be!  Blog Feature

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If You're Not Using Clover Sites 3 . . .You Should Be! 

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First and foremost, this announcement is for those of you who are still using Clover Classic! You know who you are! :) And we're here to help! 

This new version of Clover Sites gives you an even better set of features. Have you seen the quick intro video? It only takes 60 seconds and it'll change your website for the better! 

Clover Sites - 60 Second Promo from Clover.

If you're new to Clover Sites, this video is also for you! Just click thru for a demo -- everything you'll see is CS3 and we're pretty sure you'll love it! 

For those of you who have been waiting for an opportunity to get started -- the time is now! :) Start your free demo and you can launch a brand new church website in no time. Your current site stays live while you work on the free upgrade!

You can be up and running in time to collect VBS registrations, recruit Christmas volunteers, or engage with Easter visitors -- no matter what time of  year it is, a great website will always help your church grow and develop. Get started and use Clover Events and Clover Forms. All included in your low Clover Sites monthly fee. 

To check out a new Demo site, click here.

Learn how to transition from Clover Classic here: Transition Mode.