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Speaking of Clover

Green Thumbs: Coastal Oaks Church

Posted by Samantha Decker on September 5, 2017

Case Study: Coastal Oaks Church

We love talking to churches that not only made the switch to Clover Sites, but are glad they did! Coastal Oaks Church out of Rockport, Texas is one such church. We talked with Andy Barlow, Associate Pastor of Worship and Discipleship (and budding web designer) at Coastal Oaks. He helped their church design, build, and maintain an incredible church website with Clover, and now he’s here to tell you just exactly how it all worked for them. Take a look at their site at coastaloakschurch.org and read on for more on how Andy and his team feel about making the switch to Clover.

  • How did you feel about your website before using Clover?

Our church website was an absolute mess prior to jumping into a Clover site. We were using a UK-based web template service "geared for churches" with dated designs, zero flexibility and services, and all-around distant customer service. All these things led me to make the switch to Clover. Even the earliest versions of Clover were significant upgrades over our previous website company, and the current version of Clover is light years ahead of where we were.

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Green Thumbs: Early Examples of Clover Events

Posted by Joanna Gray on August 31, 2017

Last month we released Clover Events. It was exciting, and we are still celebrating with the #SummerofClover (did you read about how you can win a prize?)!!

We're ALSO so excited to see how so many of you are already using Clover to share and promote your church's events. Check out a few early examples below and imagine how great your church website could look with a brand new calendar and featured events pages.

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Green Thumbs: Edgewater Alliance

Posted by Joanna Gray on June 6, 2017

Case Study: Edgewater Alliance Church

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients successfully transform websites for their churches. And now, we’re excited to share one of those success stories with you! Check out our Q&A with Susan Parry from Edgewater Alliance Church in Florida for an inside look at how working with Clover transformed their church’s presence online. Then take a look at their site for yourself at www.edgewateralliance.org.

How did you feel about your website before using Clover?

Up until 2009, we had an unattractive, homemade website that we desperately wanted to improve.


What made you decide to give Clover a try?

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The Greenhouse: An Inside Look at Your Church Website

Posted by Joanna Gray on April 25, 2017


When it comes to building your church website with Clover, one of the most common concerns we hear is this:

I don’t know anything about web design or coding. How am I supposed to do it all for myself?”

Trust us, we get it! The thought of creating and updating a site with little to no experience all on your own sounds intimidating on paper. But you can also trust us when we tell you, there’s no simpler way to do it than with Clover Sites.

We created Clover to empower you as church leaders to have full ownership over your online presence.

Rather than have to pay thousands of dollars to a developer or waste time waiting for them to get back to you about changes, we wanted to make a way for you to do everything you needed to do with clarity and confidence.

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Green Thumbs: Mosaic Seattle

Posted by Joanna Gray on March 14, 2017

One of the best things about working with you all to create their websites is seeing the finished product up and running. We love seeing churches feel confident in not only creating their sites, but also in putting it out there for their people. And we love being able to share some of those sites with you!

This month, we’re taking a look at Mosaic Community Church in Seattle. Take a look at their finished website at www.mosaic-seattle.org and read on for more on how Clover helped their team create a product they are proud to share!

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New Green Thumb: Ministries Without Borders

Posted by admin on January 5, 2016

We wanted to start the new year highlighting an organization that has done more than just create a beautiful website. Ministries Without Borders is a charity that travels to nations all over the world - including Cuba, Nepal and the Philippines - to provide disaster relief, medical aid, feeding programs, water irrigation and education to those in need. The work they're doing around the world is inspiring and we definitely recommend that you take a second to read, listen to or watch some of the stories they've collected on their website.

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New Green Thumb: Lighthouse Church

Posted by admin on November 25, 2015

It takes a pretty impressive website to make the entire Customer Relations team gather around one monitor to check it out together. This week we did exactly that with Lighthouse Church's beautiful site. There's a consistency to their website that makes it feel sleek and modern without losing that welcoming feeling a church website should give you. All of their pages are short and to the point, delivering their message in a very straightforward and convenient way.

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New Green Thumb: Mosaic Community Church

Posted by admin on October 14, 2015

It's always so cool to see you guys take one of our designs and really make it your own, like Mosaic Community Church did with their new website. Taking advantage of our Solstice design's spacious layout, they were able to create a welcoming site that invites you right in. Everything is really organized, so even though there is a lot of content on their pages you never feel overwhelmed and their use of whitespace gives their site a very open feeling. We especially love how consistent they kept things by using repeating colors, fonts and themes across their pages. And the way they used our Donation buttons for their call to actions was a really nice touch.

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New Green Thumb: Vintage Church

Posted by admin on September 9, 2015

I'm not gonna lie - it was pretty intimidating trying to decide which Clover website should be our first Green Thumb for Clover Sites 3. Luckily, Vintage Church helped me out and made a website that was just too good to ignore. Their gallery images are bold, their content is straightforward and they used their icons in such an original way (check out their What to Expect Page to see what I mean). The end result is a beautiful, streamlined site that never feels cluttered or chaotic. If you're looking for inspiration as you work on your website, I really recommend you check out their home page (and maybe give them a cyber high five while you're there). Awesome job, Vintage Church - we're stoked to feature you as our first official Green Thumb for CS3.

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Newly Launched Websites

Posted by admin on July 24, 2015

We wanted to start today's post by saying how impressed we are with everyone using Clover Sites right now. Seriously, most of you guys have barely had access to our newest product for a few weeks and already we're seeing some really interesting sites and creative uses for the new features. A lot of you have really taken advantage of the parallax scrolling feature to add some unique motion to your pages and more than a few gallery sections have caught our attention with their dynamic, beautiful images.

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Speaking of Clover


Here's what makes Clover Sites so great.

All of Clover’s (long list of!) features are specifically crafted for the church: 

  • All our websites are beautifully designed. 
  • Enjoy a stunning mobile experience.
  • Section-Based editing.
  • Get funding to do what you feel called to do. Integrate online giving into your Clover website.
  • The Greenhouse allows anyone to create and manage a website. 
  • Real, Genuine Customer Support.
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