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Speaking of Clover

[Guest Post] Five Simple Ways to Market Your Church in Your Community

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks on September 7, 2017

Once upon a time churches were on the public square, an integral part of the community. That’s not the case today, and so churches need to work harder to connect with their communities.

Here are five simple ways your church can reach your local community:

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Green Thumbs: Coastal Oaks Church

Posted by Samantha Decker on September 5, 2017

Case Study: Coastal Oaks Church

We love talking to churches that not only made the switch to Clover Sites, but are glad they did! Coastal Oaks Church out of Rockport, Texas is one such church. We talked with Andy Barlow, Associate Pastor of Worship and Discipleship (and budding web designer) at Coastal Oaks. He helped their church design, build, and maintain an incredible church website with Clover, and now he’s here to tell you just exactly how it all worked for them. Take a look at their site at coastaloakschurch.org and read on for more on how Andy and his team feel about making the switch to Clover.

  • How did you feel about your website before using Clover?

Our church website was an absolute mess prior to jumping into a Clover site. We were using a UK-based web template service "geared for churches" with dated designs, zero flexibility and services, and all-around distant customer service. All these things led me to make the switch to Clover. Even the earliest versions of Clover were significant upgrades over our previous website company, and the current version of Clover is light years ahead of where we were.

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Green Thumbs: Early Examples of Clover Events

Posted by Joanna Gray on August 31, 2017

Last month we released Clover Events. It was exciting, and we are still celebrating with the #SummerofClover (did you read about how you can win a prize?)!!

We're ALSO so excited to see how so many of you are already using Clover to share and promote your church's events. Check out a few early examples below and imagine how great your church website could look with a brand new calendar and featured events pages.

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[Free eBook] Monthly Money Planner for Online Giving

Posted by Samantha Decker on August 29, 2017

When it comes to ministry, almost everybody wants more resources to reach more people, but hardly anybody is thinking about how to make that a reality. That's why we've created the Monthly Money Planner!

We’ve laid out three things you can do each month to make sure you remain focused on funding. Not for the sake of the money, but for the sake of loving, helping, and reaching more people!

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Five Tips for Creating a Church Budget

Posted by Samantha Decker on August 24, 2017


When it comes to being a pastor, one of the worst parts of the job has little to do with actually pastoring. In fact, for many church leaders, the most challenging, painful, and tedious part of the job is creating an annual budget (did anyone else just get a little sick thinking about it?).

While you may hate the process of developing your annual budget, it’s not only a necessary part of the job, but also an extremely important part of planning the year for your congregation. Rather than dread planning your budget, why not equip yourself to be ready and do it well?

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Dear Clover Classic, Does Your Church Website Sometimes Look Weird?

Posted by Joanna Gray on August 18, 2017

ATTN: CLOVER CLASSIC USERS -- we have good news to help you upgrade your website! [Note: those already using CS3 can ignore this warning.]

Does your website sometimes "go crazy"? Do the menus ever look like the menu in this image? If you're on Clover Classic, it's pretty likely Flash is causing problems for your website viewers and causing problems for search engines, too!

Because this issue is dependent on browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) there's not much that Clover can do about it because there's no way to automatically override the browser settings. But YOU CAN fix it anyhow -- and FOR FREE!

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Who Do You Call When You Need Church Website Help?

Posted by Samantha Decker on August 15, 2017



Who do you call when you need help?

Well, it usually depends on what kind of help you need. If it’s an emergency, you call 911. If you need advice, you probably call a friend. And if you need a little help with a product or service, you probably call that company directly, right?

But then what happens?

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[Free eBook] A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Church Website

Posted by Samantha Decker on August 10, 2017

Once you decide that it's time to create or redo your church website, it's hard to know where to start (and then where to go from there). The process can feel daunting and overwhelming when there isn't a step-by-step guide to follow. That's why we created A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Church Website.

In this eBook, we've laid out 7 easy steps to creating a beautiful church website. From planning and development all the way to launch, it’s our goal to make the actual process of creating your website as easy as possible. We don’t just think creating a website for your church can be simple; we know it can. The process is all there for you, you just need to get started checking off those steps!

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Why Upcoming Events Matter on Your Church Website

Posted by Samantha Decker on August 8, 2017


When it comes to your church website growth and usefulness, an  important element to include is a calendar of your upcoming events.

We’re talking about more than the regularly scheduled Sunday morning services or weeknight programs. We’re talking about special, out-of-the-ordinary events like:

  • Service projects
  • Outreach opportunities
  • Church meals and gathering
  • Holiday worship services

This list could go on and on, but you get the idea! Maintaining an up-to-date calendar on your website is not just important to your congregation.

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ICYMI - Clover Events is Live! #SummerofClover and How to Win!

Posted by Joanna Gray on August 3, 2017

Maybe you saw the emails, but we're really excited so we want to make sure you know! We’re announcing a new way to share and promote events on your church website - we call it Clover Events

Whether it's a youth retreat, family picnic day, or any activity, people can now come to your website for new or upcoming information. Clover Events allows you to create a beautiful calendar,feature your special events, sort and search for them -- and display it all on your website in a clear and compelling way. 

Clover Events makes displaying your events as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Speaking of Clover


Here's what makes Clover Sites so great.

All of Clover’s (long list of!) features are specifically crafted for the church: 

  • All our websites are beautifully designed. 
  • Enjoy a stunning mobile experience.
  • Section-Based editing.
  • Get funding to do what you feel called to do. Integrate online giving into your Clover website.
  • The Greenhouse allows anyone to create and manage a website. 
  • Real, Genuine Customer Support.
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