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How Adding Streaming Helped These Ministries Grow Blog Feature
Katherine Veronica

By: Katherine Veronica on December 6th, 2018

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How Adding Streaming Helped These Ministries Grow

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You pour your heart into your ministry. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way for it to touch more lives?

More and more, churches around the country are using live video streaming to do just that.

Let’s dive into a few specific examples together below. Hopefully the stories and testimonies of these ministries will be an encouragement to you on how nearly any congregation can experience meaningful growth through live streaming.

Redeemer Church | Madison, GA

Planted just 5 years ago about an hour west of Atlanta, Redeemer has grown from just a small gathering of believers to a church of over 1,000 people. Video streaming has been a big part of that growth for a number of reasons.

Early on, Redeemer wanted to find creative ways to meaningfully connect with folks in their area who weren’t able to attend services in person regularly. They also wanted to make it easier for new families in the community who were looking for a new church to gain a sense of what they were about before attending in person.

Enter Streaming At Redeemer

“I cannot say enough about how BoxCast has blessed our church! It has helped us to grow from a few dozen to over 1,000 in just one year while expanding our viewership to over 17 countries. BoxCast is the easiest thing we do!" - John Darsey (Senior Pastor)

It’s becoming more and more common for churches of every size and shape to attribute church growth to technological tools such as improving a website, adding a church app, or implementing live streaming within their midst. At Redeemer, adding a live video ministry helped take their ministry’s message outside the city limits of Madison, Georgia to both neighboring communities and even a handful of other countries across the globe.

“It has made it easy for our sick and vacationing families to be a part of Sunday worship when they are unable to make it. It has also made it easy for people to get a feel for what we are about and remove the fear of trying a new church.” - Justin Kennedy (Creative Arts Pastor)

Nowadays, before a family visits a church in person, they normally check it out online first. The leadership at Redeemer clearly believed that nothing provides a more realistic and welcoming first impression for prospective visitors like live video. Beyond reaching new folks, Redeemer has employed streaming as a key application in order to stay connected to the members of their congregation, as well, even when they can’t make it.

Pastor John puts it this way, that “with one small device and five minutes of installation, your church can reach out literally across the globe.”

Clover Sites has recently teamed up in partnership with BoxCast to help bring churches the easiest and most affordable streaming solution on the market. More on that later, but for now, let’s jump into another church’s story about how streaming has helped them expand their reach.

The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter | Saint Petersburg, FL

While Redeemer Church was founded only 5 years ago, Cathedral Church held their first service 119 years ago all the way back in 1899. All of this to say, live video streaming is not only a practical ministry tool for new churches!

Recently, Cathedral was in the midst of a building redesign and naturally began brainstorming ways in which to improve the functionality and ministry opportunity of their church. After approving the addition of a new state of the art sound system, video streaming felt like the next natural step.

Saint Petersburg is an important historical city and draws a substantial amount of tourist visitors each year. People come and go from the area quite often, and some residents only live in the area for a portion of the year, as well. All of this to say, the leadership at Cathedral Church viewed live streaming as a way in which they could connect with visitors and members alike, keeping them all just the click of a button away even if they were separated by state lines or hundreds of miles.

Enter Streaming & Cathedral

“With BoxCast, I feel like I have an entire tech team at my fingertips. I repeatedly reach out to your customer support representatives and ask them dumb questions. They’re always attentive and cheerily help me every time. Even on weekends!” - John DiPietro (Tech Lead)

Live video streaming can be a cumbersome task, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be. We believe that streaming should not only be excellent but easy, as well. John’s testimony is a powerful one, as Cathedral doesn’t employ a Technology Pastor or Creative Arts Director. Thus, his words display just how effortless this process can be for a church, even if they’re entirely new to the world of streaming.

Also, one more cool fact about Cathedral Church’s streaming story is that it was so well received by their congregation that an anonymous member in their community offered to cover the costs personally. This goes to show that while your video ministry might not reach every single member in your church, it will deeply touch a number of members in truly meaningful way.

A Few Final Thoughts

Though quite different in history and ministry focus, both Redeemer Church and Cathedral Church were able to expand their ministry reach to current and prospective members on a whole new level with the addition of a live video ministry.

Each of these church’s stories are unique and so is yours. The primary commonality is that we all live in a video world and that however applied, a video of any sort will help your church reach more people for Christ.

Next Steps:

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