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[Free On-Demand Webinar] Giving Coaching

Posted by Samantha Decker on August 1, 2017



We know that a lot goes into planning for Sunday morning. The welcome, the worship, the sermon, and other aspects of your service are all thought out, but somehow, the offering time seems to typically be an afterthought. But, just like preachers should pray, read, and study, and just like musicians should rehearse, someone needs to prep for the offering.

We've created an On-Demand Webinar (watch it whenever you want!) to help coach you on what the giving time should look like in your service, and why it's important.

In just over 7 minutes, we discuss: clover-give-Coaching-Webinar-landing-page-2.jpg

  • 7 reasons why your offering time is a big deal.
  • How to create a system for engineering an effective offering time. 
  • And how to end with a specific call-to-action.

The more thought-out the offering time, and the simpler the giving process, the more likely people are to give. And we know that giving is vital to ministry at your church. 

Take a few minutes today to learn how you can make some small changes in your offering time will have a big impact.

We're keeping this blog post short and sweet so you can get on to the good stuff. Click below to watch the on-demand webinar and improve how you ask for money.

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Written by Samantha Decker

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