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[Giveaway] Free Easter Graphics and Holy Week Devotional Guide 2018 Blog Feature
Samantha Decker

By: Samantha Decker on February 15th, 2018

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[Giveaway] Free Easter Graphics and Holy Week Devotional Guide 2018

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Lighten your workload this Easter season - download this gift of FREE Easter Graphics PLUS a Holy Week Devotional Guide.

Get Your Free Easter Graphics and Devotional

In the church world, it's easy to let Easter feel like just another event to get ready for. But, we want to help you (and your congregation) pause, and reflect on just how impactful and crucial to our faith this one event in history was. This devotional guide and graphics were designed to do just this.

easter-lp-geometric.pngWe also know how important visual content is for capturing new visitors' attention and keeping your members engaged. So, this year, we created 3 different styles of graphics so you can choose the one that best matches your church!

The complete pack includes free .jpg (ready to use right away) and .psd (you can make edits if you need to) files of the following:

  • Easter Graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your Website.
  • A Holy Week Devotional Guide that can be printed or downloaded from your website that provides a personal and family devotion for each of the 8 days of Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday).

Click the button below and fill out the form to download your free Advent graphics today!

Get Your Free Easter Graphics and Devotional


About Samantha Decker

Loving to help people grow spiritually and professionally, Samantha Decker is the co-founder of Redbud Content, a company designed to grow and share the stories of entrepreneurs and companies across the globe. Before co-founding Redbud Content, she worked as a Content Marketing Manager for Ministry Brands and the Director of Communications for a local church. Samantha brings both experience and a passion to equip the church by providing resources to help them live out their mission for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus. She’s always up for some (good) coffee, travel, and intentional conversation. Samantha enjoys living in Oklahoma City with her husband, Dustin, and their two sons, Eli and Caden.

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