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Dear Clover Classic, Does Your Church Website Sometimes Look Weird?

Posted by Joanna Gray on August 18, 2017

flash is breaking church websites.png

ATTN: CLOVER CLASSIC USERS -- we have good news to help you upgrade your website! [Note: those already using CS3 can ignore this warning.]

Does your website sometimes "go crazy"? Do the menus ever look like the menu in this image? If you're on Clover Classic, it's pretty likely Flash is causing problems for your website viewers and causing problems for search engines, too!

Because this issue is dependent on browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) there's not much that Clover can do about it because there's no way to automatically override the browser settings. But YOU CAN fix it anyhow -- and FOR FREE!

The technology we used to build the original Clover Classic (lo, these many years ago) is not widely supported across the internet as a whole anymore. Most web browsers have stopped supporting Flash sites. They now automatically display a rough mobile version of your website. Even on desktops and large monitors, Flash sites are displaying badly and just look "weird." And these non-optimal sites are messing with your search engine results. You need a church website that is properly set up to be mobile-friendly and responsive. 

There's a bit of a workaround (below), but that will only work if you can get everyone who will ever look at your website to make that update. The best solution is to take this chance and upgrade your site to the newest version of Clover Sites. It's better, faster, easier, and we've eliminated the upgrade fee! 

The new Clover has a much more flexible, robust technology and will be ready to go with you for many years.

  • Clover Events -- keep your church growing and organized
  • Clover Give -- streamline and customize your online giving for low, low fees
  • Many Designs -- built with the church in mind, your new site is pretty, mobile friendly, and ready for Clover_Blog_Feature_Image_Media_Migration_V2.jpgwhatever you can throw at it. 
  • Clover Sites Support team -- you can still get help from the same great team you already know and trust. 

We've made it simple, fast, and FREE. Click here to learn how you can start your site transition today. With a little focus, you could get your new site live before the end of Back to School time!

Your sermons and media can transfer automatically, too!

Some Brief Comments on A Temporary Fix:

Our sites require Flash, so you may need to check on a few things! Classic Sites are displaying as the mobile version UNLESS the user follows these steps:  http://help.cloversitesclassic.com/customer/portal/articles/2846994

 Additionaly, you can check to see if your Flash is updated:  https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


Long Term Fix Next Steps:

If you're still on Clover Classic, now is the time to think again about upgrading for FREE.

Clover Sites makes it easier for the "technical end" of building your church website. Building with Clover Sites makes it easy and beautiful for your congregation to engage with your church. It's also easy and beautiful for your admin teams. It's a win-win. 

Have you seen how great the new designs are? We think you'll love them. Check out our newest design, Voyage, or another popular favorite, Bloom.

Learn How to Transition Your Classic Site

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Written by Joanna Gray

Speaking of Clover


Here's what makes Clover Sites so great.

All of Clover’s (long list of!) features are specifically crafted for the church: 

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  • Section-Based editing.
  • Get funding to do what you feel called to do. Integrate online giving into your Clover website.
  • The Greenhouse allows anyone to create and manage a website. 
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