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4 Steps to Online Giving Success

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Team Killers: Four Things That Will Divide & Destroy Your Team

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Five Tips for Developing Your Staff

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A Big Thank You: Ten Creative Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Donors

Behind the Scenes: Our Favorite Features at Clover

Five Ways To Serve Your Volunteers

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An Online Giving Audit: Is Your Church Website Giving Friendly?

Keep It Simple: Five Basic Things Your Church Website Should Have

Five Ways To Find & Keep Your Volunteers

Make It Easy: Four Steps To Simplify Online Giving At Your Church

Five Tips for Web Design on a Budget

Is Your Church Website Launch Ready?

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Church Website

The Who’s Who Of Your Church Website Design Team

[Guest Post] Five Simple Ways to Market Your Church in Your Community

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Green Thumbs: Early Examples of Clover Events

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Five Tips for Creating a Church Budget

Dear Clover Classic, Does Your Church Website Sometimes Look Weird?

Who Do You Call When You Need Church Website Help?

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Why Upcoming Events Matter on Your Church Website

ICYMI - Clover Events is Live! #SummerofClover and How to Win!

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Five Ways to Promote Your Church Events Online

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Do You Know How To Treat Your Major Donors?

Is Your Church a Healthy Church?

[Free eBook] A Better Solution for Both Donors and Administrators

Is Your Church Website Mobile Friendly?

4 Ways to Emphasize Online Giving In Your Church

3 Tips for Keeping Your Church Budget

Five Resources to Use Your Church Website to Build A Small Group Ministry

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Building a Healthy Staff & A Healthy Church Website

5 Ways to Inspire Online Giving

How to Highlight Your Student Ministry on Your Church Website

Five Resources To Help You Avoid Ministry Burnout

The Greenhouse: An Inside Look at Your Church Website

How To Talk About Making The Switch To Online Giving

5 Reasons You Should Try a Free Church Website Demo

Five Steps to Plan Your Church Website with Clover

Four Things to Include When Your Sermon is About Money

[Free Resource] Pre-Written Content for Your Church Website

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How to Manage A Church Office Team

[Free On-Demand Webinar] How to Preach Effectively on Your Church Website

How and Why to Talk About Money at Your Church

[Free Easter Graphics] Easter Service Image Giveaway

Three Part Guide to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Four Ways to Make Donations Easy at Your Church

4 Reasons Video Needs a Place on Your Church Website

5 Tips for Better Church Website Blogging

5 Tips for Clarifying Your Church's Brand Messaging

[Survey] Easter Giveaway from Clover Sites

Six Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Donors

4 Reasons Your Church Website Might Be Keeping Visitors Away

#CloverStories from the 2016 Christmas Church Website Giveaway

What to Consider When Featuring Your Church Staff on Your Church Website

4 Ways to Develop Your Church's Social Media Presence

How to Create Clear Next Steps for Your Church Website Visitors

Who Will You Bless This Christmas? Free Clover Church Website Giveaway

[Free eBook] Annual Giving Statements: Surprise & Delight Your Givers

Free Christmas Service Graphics

What Should Go On Your Church Website Statement of Faith Page?

How to Get Your Church Website Found on Google

Announcing Clover Give: Online Giving for Your Church

[New Features] Password Protected Church Website Pages & Updates to Caching

[free checklist eBook] 11 Must Haves for Church Websites

Three Things Parents Look for on Church Websites

More Media Features Improvements

How Can Clover Sites Help You?

Feature Updates from Clover Sites: Podcasting and Media Thumbnails for CS3

8 Tricks the Pros Use for Great Church Website Photos

Now Hiring - Multiple Positions

Now Hiring - Senior Product Manager

Church SEO

New Site Design: Voyage

Using Calendars with Clover Sites 3

Using Forms with Clover Sites 3

Safely Removing Documents from Your Site

New Green Thumb: Ministries Without Borders

Online Giving In December

The New Media Player - Now Available!

Introducing The New Media Player

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Media Player Update

Background Blending Modes

New for Clover Sites 3: Hidden Pages

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New Site Designs Are Here!

Demo Process Available!

Improved Parallax

Switching to Clover Sites 3

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Why Does Being "Optimized for Mobile" Matter?

Recent Updates to Clover Sites

Newly Launched Websites

Clover Sites 3 is Available Today!

CS3 Design Tips and Tricks: Section Background Images

We've Launched Early Access!

Transitioning to Clover Sites 3

Clover Sites 3: Beta Launch Date

Clover Sites 3: Launch & Transition Process

Clover Sites 3: Let's Review

Clover Sites 3: Colors (Advanced)

Clover Sites 3: List Section

Clover Sites 3: Gallery Section

Clover Donations: $200 Million

Echo Prayer For Apple Watch

Clover Sites 3: Fonts

Our New Help Center

Clover Sites 3: Photo Editor

Clover Sites 3: Text Editor

Site Designs for Launch

Learn More About Clover Sites 3

Stories From Our December Giveaway

Our Special "Promotion"

Clover Sites 3: Colors

New Year Update

New Green Thumbs: 2014 Favorites

We're On Instagram

Clover Sites Mobile Improvements

Echo Prayer November Updates

The Story of Clover

Back to Our Roots

Speaking of Blogs... It's Here!

20 Questions with Customer Relations

Online Giving & Clover Donations

Behind the Scenes (Embedding Content w/ Clover Sites 3)

Clover Sites 3: September Update

Extra Security for Your Donation Forms

Echo is now available for Android

Coming Soon: Echo for Android

Clover Sites 3: Other Updates

Clover Sites 3: Media Player Improvements

Clover Sites 3: Text Editing

Ending Soon! Clover Sites Summer Promotion

Clover Sites 3: Section Management

July Updates: CS3 & New Hires

Clover Sites Summer Promotion

Speaking of Blogs...

Echo Prayer is now available!

Clover Donations Has Helped Organizations Receive Over $100,000,000

Section-Based Editing in Clover Sites 3

Project Echo Prayer

Clover Sites 3: Internal Alpha

Clover Sites 3: Launch Plans

Design Ideas for CS3 Site Designs

Clover Sites 3 - Q & A

April CS3 Update

Clover Customers Are Not Affected by the Heartbleed Bug

Happy 2014!

New Social Icons

Clover Sites December Promotion!

Clover Sites: Password Protected Pages on Mobile

Organizations Have Raised $50 Million Through Clover Donations!

Clover Sites: Forms on mobile

Clover Friends: Summer Promotion Winners!

New Green Thumb: SoAcres

What We're Creating & Where We're Headed

New Feature! Account Management for Your Donors

New Green Thumb: YWAM North Africa

Unique Ways To Use Clover Donations, Part 1 (Events & Registrations)

New Green Thumb: Antioch Highland Park

Clover Sites 3: Responsive Sites

2013 Conference Tour

We're looking for amazing developers.

Clover Donations: How To Use Funds

New Green Thumb: Parkway Road Pentecostal Church

New Green Thumb: Loami Christian Church

Why Recurring Donations?

Clover Sites 3: Design Beginnings

Branding Your Donation Forms

Clover Sites 3

$100 Off Every Site Purchase In December!

Clover Donations' Simple Application Process

New Green Thumb: Colonial Presbyterian Church

September Update!

Server Status Update: GoDaddy is up and running again

Server Status

We're Hiring!

Sign up for Clover Donations, and get a free site switch!

Clover Donations is here!

4 New Site Designs

Clover Donations - Close to Launching

Clover Donations: May Update

Exponential Ticket Winner!

Exponential Ticket Giveaway!

2012 Conference Tour

Clover Donations: January Update

Clover Partners with Skip1 in Peru

New Social Icons

Clover Donations FAQ's

Clover in HTML5

Clover Donations: Pricing Update

Clover Donations (coming soon!)

Catalyst One Day Ticket Winners!

Catalyst One Day Giveaway!

Origin Coffee on Philanthroper.com Today

New Feature: Photo Page

$200 for every Clover referral for August

You can now embed videos in your media player!

Photo Page Preview

Social Links On Your Clover Site

New Site Design: Venture

Form Reporting For Your Clover Forms

Google Domain Verification

Browser Icon (Favicon) available on your site

Overview of New Features

Two New Features: Social Links and Form Reporting

Recent Features

New Green Thumb: Intown Community School

Publishing Issue

Form Page Follow-up

New Feature: The Form Page

Catalyst Dallas Ticket Winners!

Catalyst Dallas Giveaway

Forms Page Preview

New Site Designs: Eden, Alliance and Echo Park

Open House!

National Worship Leader Conference - 2011

Catalyst West Winners Announced!

Very Last Minute Catalyst Ticket Giveaway!

Billing Center Launched

New Green Thumb: Color Canvas Media

Busy, busy, busy...

Marketing Your Small Business

New Green Thumb: Global Kids

New Site Designs: Harmony & Bordeaux

All Business Referrals get you $250 till 2011

New Feature: List Page


Understanding Google Analytics

Clover Gives: The Well

Mister Retro Photoshop Filters

Creative Ad Networks

Statistics on your site!

New Green Thumb: Forever Found

Some Updates...

Design Settings Update

Announcing: Clover for Businesses

New Green Thumb: Davis & Sons Construction

New Green Thumb: The MacDiarmid Company

New Green Thumb: Preva Salon

New Green Thumb: St. John's Lutheran School

New Green Thumb: Church Project

New Greenthumb: Cornerstone Moorpark

Clover Gives

What HTML5 Really Means

Story Conference

Switch Your Site Design for $200.

New Site Designs!

Great Way to Give

Jim Interviewed On Justin Taylor's Blog

Mondo + Catalyst = Awkward Photos

iPad Winner - Catalyst West Drawing

New Greenhouse Launched!

New Greenhouse Video

Clover Gives - Gaba Bible Institute

Echo Conference Winners

$100 off Every Site Purchase till April 28th

Clover Needs Your Help!

Clover & Echo Conference Giveaway

This Too Shall Pass...

Clover MacBook Pro Giveaway through SCL

Editing Your Media Player - Part 2

Greenhouse 2.0 Calendar

2010 Conference Tour

Keep Your Web Developer Knowledge Fresh

Clover Gives: Spotlight on CHF

Clover... Websites for ministries and schools!

First Look at the Media Player

Hubert Jocham

New Green Thumb: Circle J Cowboy Church

Official Launch Date

Why Flash is awesome...

Teapots: A lesson in product design.

Digital Magazines: Bonnier Mag+ Prototype

25 High-Quality Free Fonts - from Smashing

New Green Thumb: Table Rock Fellowship

Compassion for Haiti

Branding: The Benefit of the Doubt

Clover Gives.

Amazon Kindle

New Look, Stronger Message

Speaking of Clover's New Look

New Blog Design Coming...

Update: Amazon S3 is up!

Amazon S3 is down...

Grain Edit Interviews ISO50

New Site Designs

jQuery 1.4 is Getting Closer


Pantone Color of the Year

Google Displays Real Time Data


Interview @ Clover

Music & Programming

We Review the Magic Mouse

$200 for Every Referral!

40 WordPress Themes

Stuff Clover Likes

New Green Thumb: GracePoint

iQ: The Making Of...

Clover @ NOC

GH 2.0 Development Update

Greenhouse 2.0 Features - Pt. 2

Clover's Future

History: The Font

You Better Recognize

New Site Designs

New Green Thumb: The Fields Church

Fixie Giveaway Winner!

Getting the word out.

Clover @ Catalyst

What We're Listening To:

Clover is Growing

Giveaway Winners!

Greenhouse 2.0 Features - Pt 1

Newest Art Edition to Clover

Skip 1

Setting Up The Shot

Mobile Version Launched!

Soul City Church

New Green Thumb: Camp Wawona

Design Inspiration: Book Covers

New Green Thumb: Puget Sound Christian Center

New Green Thumb: The Rock Church

Greenhouse 2.0

Mobile Site Teaser

iPhone Video

The New Face of Clover

Face of Clover Party

New Site Designs!

1 week till guests arrive.

A good day to live in LA.

New Green Thumb: The Revolution


Walkin' on Broken Glass

Last Day For Submissions!!!

Clover Friends is Here!

10 Days and Counting...

Some Exciting Stuff...

A Birthday Gift

Clover's 1 Year Birthday

Clover Site Giveaway at Orange!

Compare to Clover: Ease of Use

Compare to Clover: Design

Compare to Clover: Pricing

Compare to Clover: Intro

Be the next FACE OF CLOVER!

Non-church Clover Sites

New Cloversites.com!

To the web nerds out there...


Flippin' Cool.



Clover in Canada

New Green Thumb: California Conference Youth

100GB of Storage

The Clover Spring Tour

New Cloversites.com Coming

Just because you can...

Calendar Repeat is Here.

New Site Designs!

Clover on the Radio

"Crazy Love" DVD Available

The Clover Team is Hiring!

Clover Writes for Collide...

Clover at the Staples Center

Mail Chimp

Clover/Collide Contest Winner


Clover Around the World

Ryan hearts Clover

Calendar Repeat Coming...

1st Annual Christmas Party

Get Statistics On Your Site!

Bezier Curves (and other code)

Props from Centerpoint

The Cost of Free

Hello Nashville

Website Makeover Contest

Guest Star

A Little Teaser

The Clover US Tour

Collide Magazine

Team Clover on Facebook

Hello From Catalyst

Poppin Pastor Francis


Video's a comin'.

New Site Design Up

All Shook Up

What "Documents" Means For You

The Lowdown on Flash

Adobe Kuler

Search Engine Optimization in Flash (really!)

Meet Alison...

Sermon Downloads... and other updates

Design Standards

the beginning...