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[episode 2] Dear Clover Classic: Section Management

An Online Giving Tool Comparison: Finding the Best Fit for Your Church

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Tips for Creating a Clear Call-to-Action on Your Church Website

Clover Sites 3 Colors: Easy and Beautiful

If You're Not Using Clover Sites 3 . . .You Should Be! 

Trend Forecast: The Top Five Design Trends For Your Church Website

Keep Your Church Website Up-To-Date: Why Your Account Information Matters

Four Keys to a Successful Email Giving Campaign

Clover Give and Clover Sites: Four Steps to Easy Integration

5 Keys to Unlocking Better Small Groups

How to Capture Visitor Information Online

Be Found: A SEO Breakdown for Your Church Website

[Giveaway] Free Easter Graphics and Holy Week Devotional Guide 2018

Seven Unique Ways to Raise Funds

Promote Easter with these 6 Clover Features

Moving Visitors to Members: 5 Tips for Church Attendance

Finding Your Fit: How to Find the Right Theme for your Clover Site

Missing Money: How Online Giving Can Help You Find the Funds

[Free Resource] Switching to Clover Give

Stories from the 2017 Christmas Church Website Giveaway

Ask Luke: Answers to Common FAQ's

Make the Most of Your Ministry

Meet Luke: An Introduction to Your Clover Expert

Four Keys to an Effective Church Website

4 Steps to Online Giving Success

How to Make the Most of Your Email List

Team Killers: Four Things That Will Divide & Destroy Your Team

[Free Resource] Internet 101

Five Tips for Developing Your Staff

Green Thumbs: Grace Baptist Church

A Big Thank You: Ten Creative Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Donors

Behind the Scenes: Our Favorite Features at Clover

Five Ways To Serve Your Volunteers

Green Thumbs: Lighthouse Church

[Free eBook] Seven Pre-Written Giving Scripts

[Free Resource] Clover Sites Handbook

[Giveaway] Free Christmas Graphics and Advent Devotional Guide 2017

An Online Giving Audit: Is Your Church Website Giving Friendly?

Keep It Simple: Five Basic Things Your Church Website Should Have

Five Ways To Find & Keep Your Volunteers

Make It Easy: Four Steps To Simplify Online Giving At Your Church

Five Tips for Web Design on a Budget

Is Your Church Website Launch Ready?

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Church Website

The Who’s Who Of Your Church Website Design Team

[Guest Post] Five Simple Ways to Market Your Church in Your Community

Green Thumbs: Coastal Oaks Church

Green Thumbs: Early Examples of Clover Events

[Free eBook] Monthly Money Planner for Online Giving

Five Tips for Creating a Church Budget

Dear Clover Classic, Does Your Church Website Sometimes Look Weird?

Who Do You Call When You Need Church Website Help?

[Free eBook] A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Church Website

Why Upcoming Events Matter on Your Church Website

ICYMI - Clover Events is Live! #SummerofClover and How to Win!

[Free On-Demand Webinar] Giving Coaching

Five Ways to Promote Your Church Events Online

[Summer of Clover] New Features & Updates  |  Win a Prize Pack or a Free Site

Do You Know How To Treat Your Major Donors?

Is Your Church a Healthy Church?

[Free eBook] A Better Solution for Both Donors and Administrators

Is Your Church Website Mobile Friendly?

4 Ways to Emphasize Online Giving In Your Church

3 Tips for Keeping Your Church Budget

Five Resources to Use Your Church Website to Build A Small Group Ministry

Green Thumbs: Edgewater Alliance

Building a Healthy Staff & A Healthy Church Website

5 Ways to Inspire Online Giving

How to Highlight Your Student Ministry on Your Church Website

Five Resources To Help You Avoid Ministry Burnout

The Greenhouse: An Inside Look at Your Church Website

How To Talk About Making The Switch To Online Giving

5 Reasons You Should Try a Free Church Website Demo

Five Steps to Plan Your Church Website with Clover

Four Things to Include When Your Sermon is About Money

[Free Resource] Pre-Written Content for Your Church Website

Green Thumbs: Mosaic Seattle

How to Manage A Church Office Team

[Free On-Demand Webinar] How to Preach Effectively on Your Church Website

How and Why to Talk About Money at Your Church

[Free Easter Graphics] Easter Service Image Giveaway

Three Part Guide to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Four Ways to Make Donations Easy at Your Church

4 Reasons Video Needs a Place on Your Church Website

5 Tips for Better Church Website Blogging

5 Tips for Clarifying Your Church's Brand Messaging

[Survey] Easter Giveaway from Clover Sites

Six Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Donors

4 Reasons Your Church Website Might Be Keeping Visitors Away

#CloverStories from the 2016 Christmas Church Website Giveaway

What to Consider When Featuring Your Church Staff on Your Church Website

4 Ways to Develop Your Church's Social Media Presence

How to Create Clear Next Steps for Your Church Website Visitors

Who Will You Bless This Christmas? Free Clover Church Website Giveaway

[Free eBook] Annual Giving Statements: Surprise & Delight Your Givers

Free Christmas Service Graphics

What Should Go On Your Church Website Statement of Faith Page?

How to Get Your Church Website Found on Google

Announcing Clover Give: Online Giving for Your Church

[New Features] Password Protected Church Website Pages & Updates to Caching

[free checklist eBook] 11 Must Haves for Church Websites

Three Things Parents Look for on Church Websites

More Media Features Improvements

How Can Clover Sites Help You?

8 Tricks the Pros Use for Great Church Website Photos

Church SEO

Using Calendars with Clover Sites 3

Using Forms with Clover Sites 3

New Green Thumb: Ministries Without Borders

New Green Thumb: Lighthouse Church

New Green Thumb: Mosaic Community Church

Switching to Clover Sites 3

New Green Thumb: Vintage Church

Why Does Being "Optimized for Mobile" Matter?

Newly Launched Websites

Transitioning to Clover Sites 3

Clover Sites 3: List Section

Clover Sites 3: Gallery Section

Clover Sites 3: Fonts

Clover Sites 3: Photo Editor

Clover Sites 3: Text Editor

Learn More About Clover Sites 3

Stories From Our December Giveaway

Clover Sites 3: Media Player Improvements

Clover Sites 3: Text Editing

Clover Sites 3: Section Management

Section-Based Editing in Clover Sites 3

New Green Thumb: SoAcres

New Green Thumb: YWAM North Africa

New Green Thumb: Antioch Highland Park

Clover Sites 3: Responsive Sites

New Green Thumb: Parkway Road Pentecostal Church

New Green Thumb: Loami Christian Church

Why Recurring Donations?

Clover Sites 3: Design Beginnings

Branding Your Donation Forms

New Green Thumb: Colonial Presbyterian Church

Social Links On Your Clover Site

New Green Thumb: Intown Community School

New Green Thumb: Color Canvas Media

New Green Thumb: Global Kids

Understanding Google Analytics

New Green Thumb: Forever Found

New Green Thumb: Davis & Sons Construction

New Green Thumb: The MacDiarmid Company

New Green Thumb: Preva Salon

New Green Thumb: St. John's Lutheran School

New Green Thumb: Church Project

New Greenthumb: Cornerstone Moorpark

New Green Thumb: Circle J Cowboy Church

Teapots: A lesson in product design.

New Green Thumb: Table Rock Fellowship

New Green Thumb: GracePoint

New Green Thumb: The Fields Church

New Green Thumb: Camp Wawona

New Green Thumb: Puget Sound Christian Center

New Green Thumb: The Rock Church

New Green Thumb: The Revolution

New Green Thumb: California Conference Youth