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How Can Clover Sites Help You? Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray on September 1st, 2016

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How Can Clover Sites Help You?

Best Practices | Clover Sites 3

help for your church website from Clover Sites


We’re grateful for you and the work you do in your churches. It’s the reason we all come to work each and every day. At Clover Sites, we’re honored to be a small part of the ministry in your church. Thanks for your commitment and the work you do day in and day out to serve your community and help your church grow. We’re here to help you keep track of the details and learn a few things about how to build an even better Clover Sites church website.

Maybe you already know about our great Help site and this is just a refresher for you. Maybe you’ve been a Clover Sites customer for a while or maybe you're just starting out. Either way, at Clover Sites we’ve got you covered from start to finish and all along the way. You want to build the greatest website for your church and serve your congregation the best way possible -- and we want to help you do that. Our support team works hard and has built the Clover Sites Help page.

We built Clover Sites 3 with you in mind. It’s designed to be intuitive, but our Help Center is there if you need it. And it’s not just for newbies, we can help you think through some church website best practices and give some guidance about how to implement your ideas.

Some Topics You Could Start With:

  • Getting Started (obviously)

    • Walk through the process and make your church website the best possible. We’ve got some help if you’re still making your purchase decision and some great “how to” posts for those first steps.
  • Church Website Best Practices

  • Sermons or Other Media

    • Specifics about the Media Section
    • We’ve got a Media FAQ and you can do a quick search and check out the variety of help topics to help you keep your media

If you get really stumped, you can contact us using our support form, click here.

What’s your favorite Clover Sites tip or trick? Let us know in the comments below! You never know, we may just feature you in an upcoming blog post!