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Feature Updates from Clover Sites: Podcasting and Media Thumbnails for CS3 Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray on August 3rd, 2016

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Feature Updates from Clover Sites: Podcasting and Media Thumbnails for CS3

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church website feature updates from Clover Sites


Your congregation looks to your website for support in many ways -- and to easily hear and share sermons is one of them. Clover Sites is pleased to make your job easier and help spread the gospel ever farther.

Today we are happy to release new and updated Podcasting capability!

And it’s got a bundle of other features wrapped up inside it. In the Greenhouse, we’ve improved your user experience. It’s simple to upload new thumbnails and add categories. For your viewers on your website, they can now sort by series or speaker and find the media they are looking for.

Our support team already has you covered with great documentation for how to put these new goodies to use for your congregation. We’re here to help you get the best from this new feature. Check out the link for more screenshots and step-by-step instructions. 

We released this feature in a soft launch earlier this week and the initial feedback has been good. We know this is an important feature that you want for your congregation. Churches are already loading podcasts and sharing them around. With the ability to select a thumbnail from several options (or even upload your own image!) things are looking better and better for Clover Sites churches.

Your New Features At A Glance:

  • Your podcast interface allows you to seamlessly upload media and automatically match it with iTunes categories and push to your iTunes feed
  • You can now use filters to sort media by series and speaker on your media page
  • Custom thumbnail -- the art can match your sermon series artwork, church logo, speaker headshot, or it can be custom to each file
  • It is easier than ever for your viewer to download the media file to view offline

We hope your church will love the new and improved Podcasting & Media features!

How will you use it? Share a link to your church website in the comments below so we can see your media page in action.