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By: admin on January 29th, 2016

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Safely Removing Documents from Your Site


If you've ever heard someone say that the Internet is written in ink, you probably already know that anything you put online has the potential of staying public indefinitely. So what if you want to take down a document with outdated or sensitive information that you put on your site years ago? Sure, you can delete the link to the document from your website but you'll still need to take extra steps to remove it from Google's search results. A few of you asked about how you can do this recently and we wanted to share some helpful resources! Follow the steps below if you have any sensitive documents, like missionary profiles, that you want to remove from Google searches.

Removing Documents from Your Website

As we said before, simply removing the link from your website may make it more difficult for anyone to stumble upon your document but that doesn't mean it won't show up in Google's search results. Instead, you'll have to delete the document itself from your site. This can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Highlight some text on your site and choose the Add a Document option

Step 2: Click the Choose a Previously Added Document option

Step 3: Click the X next to the document you'd like to delete

Step 4: Click Close (or Cancel, if you're working from a Classic website)

It's important to note that your document will still show up in search results for around 30 days after you've gone through this process. Don't worry though - anyone who tries to click on the document during this time will be redirected to a Page Not Found screen. Check out our help article for more info on how this process works.

Removing Documents from Google

If you'd like to have a document removed from Google sooner rather than later you can reach out to them directly. Simply head over to Google's Remove Information From Google page and follow the steps listed at the bottom.