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Background Blending Modes Blog Feature

By: admin on November 5th, 2015

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Background Blending Modes

Clover Sites 3 | Company News



Our newest feature for Clover Sites 3 allows you to completely change how the background images on your website look without the assistance of any outside design tools. In the past, the process of trying to add an effect to your background images was really complicated - you needed to have design experience and access to outside products, such as Photoshop. Now, you can add some really dynamic effects to your background photos - straight from your Greenhouse. Using our fade option, you can blur the borders between sections (like in the image above), to add an extra level of cohesiveness to your page. Or you can use our blending options to help your background photos make sections that look flat appear more dynamic.

There's really a ton you can do with this feature so check out our Help Center to see some of our recommended uses.  Or you can try it out yourself by demoing any of our site designs for free at cloversites.com. And, as always, don't forget to comment below with any thoughts or questions.