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New Site Designs Are Here! Blog Feature

By: admin on October 6th, 2015

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New Site Designs Are Here!

Clover Sites 3 | Company News

We've released three brand new site designs for Clover Sites 3! Scroll down to learn a little more about what makes these new designs special or head over to our website to test drive each one.



August is a minimalistic design that looks especially great with bold, uniform color palettes. Its left-side navigation and logo area are sticky, so they stand out no matter how far you scroll down the page. If you're looking for a design that puts an emphasis on text, or maybe just something that doesn't need colorful gimmicks to look good, August is a great option.






Aurora is a visually-striking design that displays its pages in a contained format - allowing them to stand out over a gradient background and create an organized, uncluttered feel for your site. We really wanted Aurora to offer it's own unique style, so we included a special feature that allows you to add a blurred effect to your background images. We also made the navigation hidden, to keep people focused on your design. Clicking the nav icon causes the entire page to shift smoothly to the left with beautiful animation, revealing the nav menu in its own special area.






One of our more modern site designs, Hope features a clean, open layout that looks great with lots of text or images. The photo collage feature on this design allows you to display your images in unique ways while sleek line accents and left or right-side headers give your text a little more personality. Hope's hidden navigation fades to life when you click the icon, revealing a full-screen menu for optimal browsing.



We know that for some of you who have already purchased another one of our five original site designs might find one of these new options fits your ministry a little better. If you want to switch designs, give us a call and tell us which design has caught your eye - we can take it from there, free of charge. Keep in mind it might take a little bit of time to get everything transitioned over if you switch designs.

Still don't know which site design to pick? Head over to our website to demo any of our site designs, completely for free, or you can check out our help article on what makes each of our designs unique. And, as always, if you have any questions about our site designs (or anything else) please comment below, give us a call or shoot an email over to support@cloversites.com. We're here to help!