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By: admin on October 20th, 2015

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New for Clover Sites 3: Hidden Pages

Clover Sites 3 | Company News

Today, we're announcing a brand new feature for Clover Sites. Hidden pages! What's so great, is that this feature lets you make any page on your website hidden from your navigation menu. Which means no one can get to that page unless they have the full link, or you put a link to it on a button or somewhere else on your site. This can really help you keep your site from getting too cluttered with extra pages in the nav that overwhelm your visitors. Or, so you can have landing pages for different types of people visiting your site from specific announcements or communications from your church.

Also, one other cool thing about this, is that it can help you update your website without feeling any pressure to take one of your unfinished pages live. Now you can keep working on any new pages, and simply keep them hidden until you're totally finished, without holding up other changes to your site you need to publish.

If you want to get started using this, check out our help article. And don't forget to comment below with any thoughts! We'd love to hear how you use this and answer any questions.