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Demo Process Available! Blog Feature

By: admin on October 1st, 2015

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Demo Process Available!

Clover Sites 3 | Company News


Starting today, our full website demo is available on our website. Now our demo isn't just limited to checking out the front-end design of all our websites but allows you to access the Greenhouse as well! You can demo everything for free, without creating an account or entering in your credit card info. Here’s why this is so cool:

Create as many demos as you want. This means you can check out every single site design we have, add your own content, logo and colors, and then purchase the design that fits you best. You really get a chance to “test drive” it before you buy it.

Add your own unique content. Some logos are tall, and others are really wide. Some churches have a ton of photos, and others don’t. Some want their site to have more uniform colors, and others want their site to be more vibrant and poppy. Every site design was created differently and in the past it’s been hard to know this before buying a site. Now, you can try out your own unique content before choosing the perfect fit.

Share your designs with others in your organization. Every demo lives for 2 weeks. Feel free to send the link out to anyone you want during that time to get a consensus before purchasing. You can also preview your design at any point to see exactly what the site will look like.

Purchase your demo. Now, you'll be able to purchase the exact demo you created. If you’ve sat with the demo for a few days and found yourself putting a bunch of work into your demo site, by simply clicking “Purchase this Site” you'll be able to buy that demo.

So if you have a second, be sure to check out our demo process. Oh, and you might see some other cool things on that page that we’ll be announcing next week…