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Recent Updates to Clover Sites Blog Feature

By: admin on July 30th, 2015

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Recent Updates to Clover Sites

Clover Sites 3 | Company News

We've spent the last two weeks since our public launch making little updates and fixing bugs for Clover Sites. Today, we wanted to show you the full list of things we've been working on. We're going to start doing this about once a month, so make sure to subscribe to our blog to get the latest info about Clover Sites the moment it comes out.

Some of these updates are things you probably never would have noticed - behind the scenes work that improves functionality in subtle ways or bugs we've squashed - and some of them are bigger changes, that significantly affect Clover Sites. Here are some of the larger updates we've made since launching:

Massive Performance Optimization

One of the biggest updates we've made to Clover Sites since launching was a huge performance optimization that made your pages load more than twice as fast! Here's a graph to help explain how big this optimization really was:


Those big blue spikes to the left are showing the number of times our database was being hit. Before this optimization, peak usage was 4,000,000 times per second and, afterward, we cut it down to 50,000! Notice how the those numbers drop significantly over to the right? Now check this out:


The larger data on the left side of this graph is the exact same info from the end of the first graph. The day after the first optimization, we made a second huge optimization and cut that 50,000 down to 4,000. In total, we reduced the database usage by 100,000%, which results in your pages being loaded way faster than before.

Color Optimization

That wasn't the only large optimization we've added since launch - we also significantly optimized our color generation. Now, when pages are loaded or color palettes are changed in the Greenhouse, the color generation time is 87% faster than it was before. So, instead of taking 2.3 seconds for your colors to generate it only takes .3 seconds!

Sitemaps for SEO

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.23.15 PM

The image above shows a snippet of one of our big improvements to Clover Sites. Sitemaps are now automatically generated on your website. For those of you who don't know, Sitemaps are massively helpful for your SEO ranking - they provide up to date analytical information about your URL so search engines can more intelligently point people to the pages on your site.

We've made tons of other small improvements as well. Here's the full list, for those of you who are curious:

Site-Specific Updates 

  • We made some artistic changes to the nav on the Anthem site design.
  • On the Bloom site design, the border on sections over a gallery appeared transparent. We've changed it so it looks right now.
  • For the Bloom site design, we changed the bottom border of sections to be mixed instead of transparent.
  • For those of you using the Bloom site design, we noticed the text was occasionally wrapping in an odd way. It should be wrapping properly for you all now.
  • The Boulevard site design now has beautiful animation to accompany its navigation.
  • Our Solstice site design didn't want to add a bottom border to the last item in a list section. It does now.
  • On the Solstice site design, we added a style for a sub-page in the nav that is selected.
  • For the Zion site design: certain items weren't looking right when you highlighted them. Things look great now.

Mobile Updates

  • Any links you've added to the logo on your website will now work with mobile devices.
  • On the Boulevard site design, tapping the header on a mobile device was taking you to the nav. Now, the only way to access that nav is by tapping the three lines in the top left corner.
  • We updated the wording in the message that appears when you try and enter your Greenhouse from a mobile device.
  • Since parallax scrolling doesn't translate well to mobile devices, we've set the backgrounds on mobile sites fill the photo area (in sections where parallax scrolling is enabled)
  • Fixed a bug that caused gallery sections on mobile devices to sometimes load the non-mobile versions of your gallery images.
  • We fixed the menu button for mobile sites, which was broken for some of you.

Browser-Specific Updates 

  • If you are using Firefox, you probably noticed that your footer buttons were one pixel too low. Wait, you didn't? Well, we did (and it's been fixed).
  • The "x" icon that allows you to delete a background image in background settings was positioned a little off, if you were using Firefox. It's been repositioned.
  • Firefox users might have noticed that when dragging a list item in a grid layout, it wraps at two columns instead of three. We've fixed this so your grid wraps the way it's supposed to. 
  • We fixed a bug for Firefox and Internet Explorer users that displayed an empty popup when you clicked link options. 
  • We adjusted an extra height below sites opened in Firefox. 
  • Firefox users: we didn't like the positioning for the Cancel and OK buttons in your custom color palette screen, so we made them look nicer. 
  • Safari users: we changed the corners on the Add Section button so it doesn't look crazy anymore.
  • We fixed the positioning of some funky radio buttons in Safari.
  • On Safari, some overlays with border radii weren't showing up at all. We've fixed this and they should be visible now.
  • Oh, one more thing for Safari users: we also made it so clicking in and out of full screen editors didn't break things.

Other Updates/Bug Fixes 

  • When you try to link the media player from your Clover Sites Classic website to your new site, you can copy the link from either the Greenhouse or the live site for the same result.
  • Fixed an error that wouldn't let your new Donation page save when you entered the URL for your donation form.
  • Fixed some annoying bugs that were messing up social links in the footer of certain sites.
  • Repaired the Text Editor Link Option for social icons.
  • Squashed a bug that didn't allow Design Settings to save properly if your site was just published.  
  • We added a one-second delay before the delete icon "x" shows up on a list item.   
  • Removed the animation for the Greenhouse's sub-header when you loaded the page. 
  • Now, when you delete a photo in the photo editor, it doesn't automatically add a border to the blank area that's left.
  • We really do have a media section coming soon but you wouldn't know it because the "coming soon" banner covered the word "media". We went ahead and fixed that
  • There were a few nasty bugs messing up social icons (and we felt like the icons were kind of hard to work with in general) so we made a few changes to their functionality and they should be working great now.
  • When you closed the Design Settings (without actually making any changes) it closed really quickly and made the Save animation look kinda funky. It closes much more fluidly now.
  • No matter what you do, your social icons won't be set to italic. This was happening to some of you and it didn't quite look right.
  • Linking text to another page on your site works every time now, even if you recently changed the name of the page your linking to.
  • We squashed a bug that wouldn't clear a pop up dialog if you closed a section with the popup still open.
  • We fixed some weird site styling on Android devices.
  • Users on PC laptops were having trouble deleting selected images in their photo editor with the backspace key. This should work for everyone now. 
  • We added an error message that displays when you try and type or paste in an invalid embed code for a video (by the way, make sure you aren't trying to add the URL instead of the embed code).
  • Now there's a beautiful fade in animation that happens when you add a new page and the "choose a page layout" option appears. 
  • For those of you who are using multiple users to manage your site, we've removed the ability for your users to view the Billing Center or revert your website's changes (unless you give them permission).
  • Our font pre-loader was loading some fonts twice (and taking a long time to load at times). This resulted in some of the fonts on the page flickering. We've fixed this error so fonts load normally now
  • We've added a note in the Greenhouse that pops up when you add parallax scrolling to a section. This message notifies you that parallax scrolling cannot be viewed from the Greenhouse.
  • We corrected a rare error that made background settings show up as blank screen.
  • The dialog that was supposed to appear when you clicked on the 'Set Up Donations Service' button was coming up empty. We've adjusted this so it now offers a donations walkthrough. 
  • The "site being built" screen now displays a helpful customer service message as well.
  • Now, when you add a background image, it is automatically compressed to load faster as a smaller file.
  • Fixed an error that caused the positioning of the text toolbar to break when resizing your characters.  
  • We squashed a funky bug that caused the Manage Pages screen to freak out when you dragged a page for too long. 
  • Now you can delete all of the list items on a list page and add a new one without it breaking.
  • We replaced the site loading spinner that pops up in your Greenhouse.
  • There was a site breaking bug that occurred when you deleted every page from your the Manage Pages screen. Now, when you try and delete all of the pages at one time the final page won't be deleted and will revert to it's original location.
  • Some background images weren't being processing very reliably before but are working now.
  • We fixed a bug that wouldn't let you link text somewhere else if there is already a link added to it.
  • The page layout window (that pops up when you're adding a new page) was occasionally showing up over pages already created. We sent it back to where it belongs
  • We squashed a weird bug that tried to invert the colors on photos that have been uploaded and saved.
  • There were some errors uploading and changing documents that we corrected.
  • When you changed the name of a page on your site, it would cause some problems with any links trying to link to that page. It's linking great now. 
  • For some reason, list items just didn't want to link to pages on their site. We talked some sense into them.
  • Your eyes weren't playing tricks on you if you saw the body text under a photo move. Don't worry, it won't happen again. 
  • Unless you've already added a link to it, clicking your logo will now redirect to your top domain. 
  • We were able to fix a nasty bug that was causing photo galleries to break.  
  • Fixed a problem some of you were having with the fonts in your page titles changing for no reason.
  • Some of you stumbled across a really bizarre bug that created an invalid layout on your page when you changed settings in a very specific way. Unfortunately for those of you who wanted your page to look like a Picasso painting, we fixed this error.   
  • Changing your layout was causing some of your photos to be moved to the wrong position. Don't worry, this won't happen anymore. 
  • We fixed a bug in HTML mode that wouldn't let it close when you exited your text editor, causing all of your changes to be erased. 
  • A weird error that occurred when some of you tried embedding videos from Vimeo has been fixed. 
  • You shouldn't be able to scroll down the page in the Manage Pages screen. Now, you can't.
  • When working on a Text & Photo section in Easy Mode, the change layout button was poorly positioned but we moved it.
  • We squashed an annoying bug on the Manage Pages screen that caused the Change Page Name window to pop up after you clicked on newly created page.
  • Ironically, the "justify text" icon in the Text Editor toolbar had an error with it's design alignment. It looks way better now.
  • The delete button for embedded content was positioned incorrectly but has been moved to the right spot.
  • In the text editor, the font choice dropdown was coming up blank when you switched to "more" mode. Now it shows the correct content.
  • We squashed a nasty bug that caused the Gallery Section to crash when you tried to enter a newly added gallery.
  • Double clicking the edit sections button was causing things to break. Now it doesn't!   
  • The uploader graphic in the Greenhouse now displays a processing state when content is added.
  • We added a validation message for link options such as Youtube or Vimeo. This message tells you if you are adding a valid link or not.
  • Improved the reliability of the  code in Site Design settings.
  • Fixed a problem our Text Editor was having with saving your changes when you used its spellcheck.
  • We improved our touch screen nav on desktop touch devices.
  • We've added a helpful message that pops up when you add a subpage underneath a page. By checking the box in this pop up, you can choose to make the page a landing or non-landing page.
  • Link options were looking a little weird when they showed up in the footer so we changed their positioning.
  • There was a weird issue we fixed with sub-pages not saving properly when added to an existing page.
  • We've removed the extra text that is automatically added to your page when you embed a video from Vimeo onto your site.
  • The save button in the Greenhouse now changes back to it's original color after you click on it.
  • Some of the color-changing animation on the buttons in the Greenhouse were a little off. They should fade beautifully now when you click them.
  • To address some issues with embedded content we’ve put in place a system for refreshing the page as needed.

Wow, I can't believe you read all the way to the end of this article! We appreciate how much you care about what we've been working on. Make sure to sign up for our blog updates to hear more about what we've been up to! If you have any questions, leave a comment below.