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By: admin on June 2nd, 2015

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Clover Sites 3: Launch & Transition Process

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Later this week, we'll be announcing the official beta launch date for Clover Sites 3! As we prep for the launch, we thought it would be good to give all of you a little more info on how this will work, and for our current customers, take a look at the processes behind transitioning to Clover Sites 3.

Launch Process
Those of you who have requested to be on the beta list will get early access to Clover Sites 3. This beta launch will start a few weeks before the public release, and it will be a phased launch where we give access to more and more of you each day (as fast as we can handle scaling up our systems!). We'll be granting access based on the order of when you requested beta. If you haven't yet signed up for beta yet, you can still add your name to the list:

Sign Up For Early Access Here

Purchasing CS3 (For Our Current Clover Sites Customers)
We know that some of you already using Clover Sites are wondering how getting your new site will work, and we've really tried to make it easy for you to make the transition. After we launch, your current Dashboard will have a special walkthrough that will help you learn more about Clover Sites 3. At the end of that walkthrough, you'll find a special code you can use to purchase your new website. The best part is, this code will waive the upfront $1000 purchase price for current Clover Sites users so you get it for free, and just keep paying the $20 monthly (that you're already paying for your current site).

Transition Overview
Later this month, we'll be providing some more resources on how the transition process from the current version of Clover Sites to CS3 will work, to give you more step by step help. But right now, we wanted to touch on this briefly, because we know it's something a lot of you have been asking about.

Since Clover Sites 3 is an entirely new product, built from the ground up, you won't be able to transition your entire site over exactly the way it looks now, with the click of a button. With this new product comes new features and unlimited space for your content. And, to help your site look its best, you'll probably want to spend a little bit of time rethinking where to put everything as you build your new site. It's the equivalent of moving from a one-bedroom apartment to a two story, 3 bedroom house. There's just going to be some re-arranging you'll have to do, to get everything to look just the way you want it.

To help with that, we've built some tools to make transitioning your content over to CS3 really easy. The first one is a click-to-copy mode for your current website, that will help you quickly get your text out, and paste it in where you need it on your new website. Additionally, in the new Greenhouse with Clover Sites 3, there is a special tool that you can use to import all of your current photos into your new photo album with literally just one click. That way, they're all ready for you to use if you want them without needing to re-upload anything.

Hope that helps a bit with those questions, and we'll keep the updates coming. Comment below with any questions or, as always, feel free to reach out to us over the phone or with an email.