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Clover Sites 3: Let's Review Blog Feature

By: admin on May 26th, 2015

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Clover Sites 3: Let's Review

Clover Sites 3 | Company News

The brand new version of Clover Sites is right around the corner, and pretty soon you’ll have the chance to try out everything for yourself. Up until the release, we'll also continue to have more specific information to help you prepare for the launch. In the meantime, we thought it would be a good to recap everything we've shown about Clover Sites 3 so far.

Site Designs

We’re launching Clover Sites 3 with five site designs to choose from. Each of these brand new designs have their own unique style, and you can completely change almost any aspect of these designs to fit the look and feel of your ministry. You can watch the video below and learn more here.

Section-Based Editing

This new way of creating and editing your website gives you so much flexibility on every page. It also makes it really easy to reorganize sections on your pages, or add new areas of content to an existing page - things like list sections and gallery slideshows. There’s also no limit to the number of sections you can place on any page which gives you an incredible amount of freedom.

Gallery Section

These sections are perfect for advertising things happening in your ministry, or highlighting upcoming events. It really provides a great way to grab people’s attention and showcase the most important information when they land on your site. These sections can be used all throughout your website – not just on the homepage – and are perfect for creating slideshows, banners, or even small photo albums. Learn More.

List Section

With the list section, you can easily add content to show who’s on your team, highlight campuses, list your services and a lot of other things. This type of section is really designed around the needs of the church, and is something most web solutions don't provide. Read More.


Photo Editor

With the new photo editor, you can drag and drop any image from your desktop straight into your photo album. And with our visual photo editor, it’s easy to make every image work beautifully - regardless of its size and shape. Best of all, every photo is optimized for mobile devices and high-resolution (retina) screens to look great everywhere. Read More.

Text Editing and Fonts

We’ve created a bunch of font palettes to choose from to effortlessly change the look of your text. You also have the ability to customize any part of a font palette, to quickly change the way text appears across your entire website. Finally, our custom text editor also includes lots of ways to edit the text in a single section. Learn more about Text Editing and Fonts.


The color palettes we’ve designed can completely change the look of your website with a single click. You can also easily modify any palette to more precisely fit your ministry. We’ve also created section-based palettes that are automatically generated based on our custom algorithms, to make it easy to match the look and feel of things across every page of your site. Learn More.

We hope this helps you get to know Clover Sites 3 a little better. We’re excited about our upcoming launch, and know this is going to be the best version of Clover Sites yet. If you're not on the Beta list to get early access, be sure to sign up soon! You can add your name here: http://new.cloversites.com/sign-up-for-beta