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Echo Prayer For Apple Watch Blog Feature

By: admin on April 24th, 2015

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Echo Prayer For Apple Watch

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Echo Prayer is now available for the Apple Watch. Since we relaunched Echo on the iPhone last June, we've been excited to keep Echo on the forefront of new technology which now includes having Echo for Apple Watch live on day one. Over 30,000 people are using Echo now to help them organize their prayers, and be reminded to pray. In just the last ten months, we've managed to launch Echo for Android, update everything for the new iPhone 6, 6+ and iOS 8, and now, bring some of the most important functionality for Echo to the Apple Watch.

Here's how Echo on the Apple Watch can help you pray:

1. Access a custom Pray Now mode, which allows you to set a timer and cycle automatically through your prayers.

Pray Mode


2. Get reminders to pray quickly with a subtle tap on the wrist.



3. See your next upcoming prayer reminder, or a suggested prayer with Glances.



Along with releasing Echo for the new Apple Watch, we’ve also developed a Today Widget for iPhone that lets you view your upcoming reminders and prayers right alongside other important information about your day. This widget gives you a quick way to jump into Pray Now mode from any screen on your iPhone, or quickly access the “add a prayer” feature in the app.


If you’re not using Echo yet to help keep your prayer life organized, you can download it for free in the App Store or on Google Play. And if you have any questions, you can get support using the help center for Echo, or from anywhere in the Echo app by swiping down with two fingers.