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Clover Donations: $200 Million Blog Feature

By: admin on April 28th, 2015

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Clover Donations: $200 Million

Clover Donations | Company News

This month we reached another significant milestone. The churches, ministries, and non-profits using Clover Donations have collectively received over $200 million, and we just wanted to take a second to celebrate that with you. Because really, it means that the work you're doing is thriving, and continuing to have such a huge impact.

Since the launch of Clover Donations in June of 2012, we’ve been blown away at how quickly things have grown. It took a little less than two years for you to receive over $100 million through Clover Donations. And now, not even a full year later, that amount has more than doubled!

Clover Donations 200 Million

With this momentum, we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We truly believe that Clover Donations is the easiest, most affordable way for your church or ministry to offer online giving and we’re just getting started.

If your church isn’t using Clover Donations yet, or you want to know more, visit cloverdonations.com or give us a call: (805) 527-8900