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Our New Help Center Blog Feature

By: admin on March 31st, 2015

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Our New Help Center

Clover Sites | Company News

One of the things we feel sets Clover apart is how easy it is to use. We also have a great customer relations team that helps with any questions about any of our products. But even with that, we felt like we could do more. We wanted to give you even more resources, keep things regularly updated, and have it be something you could access anytime.

So today, we’re launching a completely new help center for the current version of Clover Sites. You can check it out here: Clover Sites Help Center.

Clover Sites Help Center

It covers pretty much anything you might need to know for your website including walkthroughs for a lot of common questions. We’re in the process of updating all the links from your dashboards and other parts of cloversites.com to link to this, but didn’t want to wait any longer to get this into your hands.

We’d love to hear how this helps you, as we’ll be launching help centers very similar to this for Clover Sites 3 when it launches this Summer, and Clover Donations later on this year.

And of course, you can still call us or email us with any questions you have. We still have our amazing team of people who know and love Clover and are ready to talk to you. You can give us a call (805) 527-8900 or shoot us an email at support@cloversites.com, and now any time you want, visit our help center.