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By: admin on January 13th, 2015

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Our Special "Promotion"

Clover Sites | Company News

This past month, we decided to do something different... and a little crazy. Every December for the past few years we've run some kind of promotion for Clover Sites. It's usually been $100 off a new website, or $100 extra for Clover Friends - something like that...

These promotions have always worked really well for us, and have usually doubled the amount of websites that we normally sell for that month. But to be honest, we’ve never loved doing them. Our heart has never been to be great at marketing or sales. What we really care about is simply providing churches and ministries with a great resource.

This year as December approached, a small agenda item for one of our planning meetings was to decide what version of our annual promotion we should do. But as we started talking about it, a little idea sparked in my mind... What if we didn't offer a discount? What if we just gave away the entire website for free?

This crazy idea ballooned until we were all excited about it. If you're a current Clover Sites customer, as December began, you saw what we ended up doing. Without any public announcement on the blog or through a marketing email, we allowed each of our customers to give away one website to another church or ministry (or friend) with the entire $1,000 fee waived.

Internally we called it an "anti-promotion". And we really weren't sure if it would end up back-firing and becoming one of the dumbest things we've ever done.

During the first few days of this giveaway, we watched as 101 separate people gave a free site to someone else. That was exciting, but even more exciting were the stories we started to hear.

People told us that they had been showing another ministry their Clover site for months, and that this gift had come at the perfect time for them to make the switch. We heard from pastors who had literally been praying that day for the ability to make a new website for their church, and then this happened!

We heard about people who had cancer and who needed a website to send out updates and raise funds. We heard from a persecuted church in the Ukraine that had just been scattered and needed a site for communication and video teaching.

By the end of the month, our customers (you) had given just over 1,000 new websites, and we were blown away. More than just the number of new churches and ministries that now have a new tool, we were blown away watching God work out the details through his people all around the world to make this happen.

It was an amazing reminder of how God is already working out his plans, and it was so cool to be a part of this global church body with all of you.

In the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some of the stories you sent in. We hope you are as encouraged by them as we are!

Thank you to everyone who shared Clover this December and helped make this happen.