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We're On Instagram Blog Feature

By: admin on December 11th, 2014

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We're On Instagram

Company News

So there's this little mobile app called Instagram that literally everyone here at Clover uses.

We all love it - using it personally to share photos and videos, and we thought it'd be fun to set up an account for Clover to give you a better look into life here through the eyes of our team. Instead of just one person running this, everyone here can post to our account so you get a bunch of different perspectives, and sometimes, we'll even sign our photos with our username so you know who's posting.

We're just getting started, but so far it's been a fun way for us to share what's going on, and hopefully helps you get to know us.

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You can find us on Instagram by searching for Clover Sites, or you can just click this cool little magic button right here: