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New Green Thumbs: 2014 Favorites Blog Feature

By: admin on December 16th, 2014

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New Green Thumbs: 2014 Favorites

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Recently, we took a look through literally all our customers' sites to find some new favorites.

We were looking for sites that took it to the next level, with either the design, organization, functionality, or all three. It was cool to see what you guys have created and believe it or not, it was actually really fun looking through thousands of sites and making a list of some of the standouts!

So today, as we move towards wrapping up 2014, we wanted to showcase ten sites that have creatively used the features of Clover Sites and are excellently designed. Enjoy!

River Rock Church
Site Design: Alliance


  • Every element in their welcome graphic (text, graphics, and color) is repeated throughout the site, creating a professional and established web presence.
  • Buttons are well designed within graphics, clearly instructing the viewer through each page.
  • “The Weekly” newsletter is accessible through a linked graphic as well as text, providing a place for members to be easily informed.

The Kirk
Site Design: Cavalier

Church of the Open Door
Site Design: Alder


  • Clear, powerful messages on the homepage quickly showcase who the organization is and what they stand for.
  • The staff page is both professional and welcoming, with consistent photos and friendly text.
  • Each page of the site clearly and easily directs to resources using a contrasting link color. Everything in purple points to a document, email address, subpage, or outside resource!

Stems & Styles
Site Design: Bordeaux


  • A beautiful logo mimics the overall feel of the design, unifying the entire site.
  • Incredible photos are featured on every page, especially in the gallery pages!
  • Creative use of forms: listed together on one page and linked from photos as well.

Berea Baptist Church
Site Design: Neue


  • Each photo on the home page has a built in footer, which is a great, easy way to display contact info!
  • Color palette is consistent throughout the site, creating a comfortable and professional personality.
  • Every page under the Who We Are tab has uniform typography, simple text, and an easy to find link color.  

Way of Life Community Church
Site Design: Haven


  • Creative use of photos, arrows and subpages allow for fluid and friendly site navigation.
  • Resources can be easily accessed through a variety of social links: online giving, social media, live streaming and a church management system.
  • One church with multiple locations can be confusing, they make it look easy to find where you need to go.

Hope City Church
Site Design: River City


  • Consistent typography is seen in every graphic, this is important in creating a strong, unified web presence.
  • Friendly photos and casual text welcomes newcomers without overwhelming them.
  • Creative use of photo boxes within the staff page. The linear format perfectly correlates with the logo and branding of the church.

Creekside Church
Site Design: Rock Point


  • Great use of logo space to include relevant information such as service times and address in an easy to find place.
  • Each subpage in the Contact Us section is clearly labeled and provides friendly, welcoming information about the faces behind the organization.
  • Simple, well-branded graphics link to outside sources such as inFellowship and Google calendar.

UGA Wesley Foundation
Site Design: Woodland

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.43.44 AM

  • Bold, modern look is seen in all areas of the site: the overall design, logo, and color palette.
  • Creative use of logo space. Viewers can quickly and easily see important contact info from every page.
  • Forms are organized into one area, making it easy to sign up for upcoming events.

Puget Sound Christian Center
Site Design: Venture


  • List pages are creatively used throughout the site for resource pages, event listings, and staff pages.
  • The site takes full advantage of the features of Clover, including Media Player, Podcasting, List, and Form pages.
  • Logo space is clean and informative, immediately welcoming viewers to the site.