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Speaking of Blogs... It's Here! Blog Feature

By: admin on November 6th, 2014

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Speaking of Blogs... It's Here!

Company News

In case you landed on this website and were thoroughly stunned, yes, we have finally updated the design. Whew.

That old look was getting a bit outdated, and wasn't super mobile-friendly. So at long last, that new design we mentioned a while back is here now and hopefully it helps make things easier to read and easier to follow along with our progress and updates. We're still tweaking a few things and also planning add a couple more pieces to it, like a page where you can learn a bit more about who's writing these things, as well as a page about our products. But for now, the biggest thing is the new design.

Also, since we've been posting more often, we realized it might be nice to be able to subscribe to get updates delivered to your inbox whenever we post. So, now you have the option to subscribe to get updates sent to you whenever we post. Sound good? Just put your email address in the little box and hit "subscribe". We'll try not to annoy you.

And for those of you who didn't notice anything new, here's a recap of the different looks our blog has sported over the years: