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Echo Prayer November Updates Blog Feature

By: admin on November 18th, 2014

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Echo Prayer November Updates

Company News | Echo Prayer

Over the weekend we pushed an update to the iOS App Store for Echo Prayer.

While everything was working great before, we've been taking some time to really optimize everything for the new iOS 8 Operating System, as well as the brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We've taken advantage of the larger screen sizes so you can see more of your prayers without scrolling, and overall it just looks a lot nicer as we've put a lot of special polish in there for these new devices to make it feel just right.

One other thing we added was a quicker, easier way to get support from our team if you have any questions.

Now, you can slide open the menu in Echo, tap Settings, scroll down and tap Support, then tap Contact Our Support Team. You'll then be able to see and swipe through some quick help resources and get right to contacting our team in an easy chat-like interface right in the app where you can ask us a question or give us any feedback. And, if you need help even faster, you can swipe down on the screen with two fingers anywhere you are in the app to jump right into the help area.

Swipe Down for Support

Lastly, for those of you on Android, we also squashed a nasty bug that was really messing things up for some of you. So if you had trouble with that, make sure you grab the update!