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Clover Sites Mobile Improvements Blog Feature

By: admin on November 25th, 2014

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Clover Sites Mobile Improvements

Clover Sites | Company News

Hey everybody! We're still in the thick of things with CS3 as you know, but we wanted to tell you about a bunch of updates we just pushed this last week to the current version of Clover Sites. We've made some great improvements specifically to the mobile/HTML versions of your websites.

We've updated the mobile navigation, included social icons in a new footer area, updated the mobile calendar to include recurring events, and fine-tuned a few other things.

New Mobile Navigation

We've completely updated the site nav to stick to the top and expand beautifully on mobile, making your sites easier to navigate, and a lot cleaner and more modern. It's a really great menu experience for any mobile device that not only works great, but looks nice too, pulling from the colors of your site to match things perfectly, and automatically.

Recurring Events on Mobile

The calendar feature is now updated to properly display those recurring events on mobile!! Somewhere right now angels (or at least church admins) are singing. Thanks for being so patient with us as we got this taken care of.

Social Icons & More

Lastly, we also updated a handful of other things to really make the mobile styling of everything a whole lot better. This includes minor layout, font, and color adjustments, as well as changing primary links to buttons to more easily launch media players, calendars, and forms. We also added a brand new footer area on mobile that will include any social links you have on your site!

We really hope these updates are helpful for you! Let us know if you have any questions.