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Section-Based Editing in Clover Sites 3 Blog Feature

By: admin on June 3rd, 2014

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Section-Based Editing in Clover Sites 3

Clover Sites 3 | Company News

One of the biggest differences between the current version of Clover Sites and Clover Sites 3, is the way we are structuring each page of your website.

The current version is very much “page-based” editing. Page-based editing means that when you want to add content to your site, you think of it in terms of the whole page. So, if you want to have media on your site, you add a Media Page. If you want to put a bunch of text on your site, you add a Text Page, etc. 

Although this sort of structure has been great for most people through the years, so much has changed on the web since we initially created our current version of Clover Sites. Most notably, mobile devices now make up around 50% of all web usage! 

We believe that websites should adapt to whatever medium they’re being viewed on. Because of the nature of the way we consume information on our devices, having more content available without changing pages is crucial to a great web experience. This is why we have chosen to make the new Clover Sites allow multiple sections on each page.

Here are some examples of what section-based sites tend to look like:

Nest Site - Desktop

Jumpkick Site - Desktop

And just as importantly, here are some examples of what they look like on a mobile browser:

Nest and Jumpkick - Mobile

The beauty of sites being section-based is that the content can easily scale and grow as much or as little as you want, and the overall design of the website won’t be affected. This allows you to add more content than before, without cluttering up the design of your site.

So what does this mean for Clover Sites 3 users?

1. You can have as much information as you want on any page. Like I mentioned before, you will be able to add as many sections as you want to any of your pages. This means that you will never be limited by the amount of content you can have on a page. Also, each section will have the ability to be edited and styled individually, so you have a lot more control over the look and feel of each page.

2. You can have multiple types of content on a page. In our existing version of Clover, adding a media page to your site meant that you were limited to having a single media player on that page. In the upcoming version, you will be able to have multiple types of content on one page. For example, you could add a Gallery Page (big, advertising-type slideshow) to your site that might consist of a Gallery Section and a Text & Photo Section. You could start there, then add a Media Section and a List Section on that same page if you’d like. That might end up being a bit chaotic, but you get the picture -- no more limits on types of content!

3. Your website will look stunning on any browser. Every Clover website will be responsive, and will look amazing on any browser. Each section you create will be sized down perfectly to fit whatever device people find you on, largely thanks to CS3 being section-based.

One last thing. If the idea of sections is a little intimidating to you, the new Greenhouse (our content management system) gives you the ability to edit by page rather than section. We give you the ability to edit in “Easy Mode” which allows you to not even think about sections… When you add a page to your site, you will be able to go about your business editing your page as normal. Switching to “Advanced Mode” gives you ultimate control over every section on your page. You will be allowed to add, delete, remove or change any section, so you can customize your site exactly the way you want.

We’ll be doing a walkthrough in the next few months showing exactly what this will look like in the new Greenhouse. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to answer any questions or clarify as much as possible. Can’t wait for you guys to have Clover Sites 3!