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By: admin on April 9th, 2014

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Clover Customers Are Not Affected by the Heartbleed Bug

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If you've caught the news lately, you've probably heard someone talking about a security issue that affected almost two-thirds of the internet, now being called the Heartbleed bug*. In the tech world, it's been a crazy couple of days now as companies scramble to alert their users about the security hole and urge them to change and update their passwords.

But here's the good news for our customers. Your accounts are all safe with us!

Although terrible, this particular and insanely widespread issue luckily didn't impact our systems, and your Clover account is secure. After checking into every detail to make sure everything was more than alright, we're very happy to let you know that the security of your information with Clover was not affected by this bug.

Simply as a safety precaution, you're welcome to reset your Clover Sites and/or Clover Donations passwords. We especially advise this for those of you who may use the same password for multiple accounts, including non-Clover products.

*What is the Heartbleed bug?
The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in OpenSSL that allows an attack to read the memory of the web server, including user's personal information. For more information on the Heartbleed bug, please check out the following resources:


NOTE: Because this bug is so widespread and has potentially affected many accounts all over the web, we're taking some extra precautions. Although no Clover servers have the vulnerability, as part of our comprehensive response to this issue, we're changing our passwords and the security keys across all of the services we use, (even for things like internal communications) just to be extra safe.