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Organizations Have Raised $50 Million Through Clover Donations! Blog Feature

By: admin on November 5th, 2013

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Organizations Have Raised $50 Million Through Clover Donations!

Clover Donations | Company News

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Today, we want to celebrate with all of our Clover Donations customers. Since we launched, you've accepted over $50 million in donations! And all in less than a year and a half. It's seriously incredible.

And because everyone loves stats, here some more:

Time Stats

We're beyond excited to have played a part in helping so many of you - churches, ministries, and non-profits - accept donations online. And the best part for us is getting to see the impact you're having across the nation and around the world. It's crazy to think that over $100 per minute is being given to fund and further the critical work and ministry of thousands of organizations, who in turn effect the lives of countless tens of thousands of other people. And that number is just continuing to grow.

We also wanted to remind you that online donations plays a huge role in end of the year giving because it's much easier for people to give - even up to the last minute on December 31st from wherever they are. In fact, on average, end of the year online giving makes up about 30% of the total annual giving, and about 10% of the donations organizations receive annually come in on the last 2 days of the year!  So if your church, ministry, or non-profit isn't using Clover Donations yet, there's literally never been a better time.

If you have any questions or need help getting started with Clover Donations, we'd love to help. Send us an email or give us a call. support@cloverdonations.com or (805) 527-8900