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New Green Thumb: SoAcres Blog Feature

By: admin on July 30th, 2013

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New Green Thumb: SoAcres

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SoAcres is a passionate group of people who are heartbroken that each weekend in their city, over 150,000 people aren't connected to a church. Their goal is to change that, and see the people of Lexington reached.

As a first step, they've made sure that their front door - their website - is not just informative, but visually and organizationally attractive. The site is absolutely beautiful with a modern, clean look and a design-conciousness that's carried throughout each page and element of the site. Nothing's been overlooked and much of their website is geared towards new visitors so they can quickly see where to go and what to expect, right off the bat. They've further catered their website experience to first and second-time visitors by created customized form pages that allow those new to the church to give the church leaders some feedback on the experiences they had.

But not only that, they've also included a wealth of additional resources about the church and their beliefs for the benefit of their members and visitors under a main heading titled "mySoAcres". They have information about their vision and values, foundational beliefs, and even information regarding weddings, and thorough, Biblical answers to "Hot Topics" discussed and debated in today's culture that many may be curious about.

Overall, they've really done a fantastic job with their site and we couldn't be more proud of what they've created. Be sure to click through and check out their site so you can see it all for yourself!

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