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New Feature! Account Management for Your Donors Blog Feature

By: admin on April 25th, 2013

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New Feature! Account Management for Your Donors

Clover Donations

We've just launched a new feature for Clover Donations! Your donors now have the ability to manage their own account with your organization!

It's super easy for all of your donors to create an account... The next time (or the first time) they make a donation, they'll be given the option to create their account before they submit their donation. Each time your donor visits your form they can easily sign in. Here's why account management is great for them and for you:

Why it's great for your donors

1. Giving is faster and easier
Once they have an account, the donation experience is quite a bit faster. Whenever a donor is logged in, the account information needed to process their donation will instantly and securely appear in the form. This lets them give immediately without needing to re-enter all their information in the form each time they want to give. (We know this is something your people have wanted for a while!)

2. Donors can now manage their own information
Your donors no longer have to call or email you to make updates to their account. They can sign in from any modern device, and quickly update their contact and billing information, view their transaction history, and manage their recurring donations. All in literally just a few clicks. And the account management tool we've created for your donors is completely responsive so it looks and works perfectly on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Responsive Design

Why it's great for your organization

1. Saves you time & money
Since your donors can now manage everything for themselves, your organization should handle fewer support requests and information updates. You still have total control over each individual and transaction in the Donation Center, but we've taken most of the management tasks that used to be solely on your plate, and placed the tools in the hands of your people. This will save you precious time and ultimately financial resources as well.

2. Helps you maintain better records & communication
Now that your people can have direct control over all of their contact information and billing information, you can rest assured that your records are as current as possible. We've also made sure that your donors automatically get notices if their credit card is about to expire, so they're prompted to update their information. And we've made it easy in the Donation Center to identify donors who have registered accounts with your organization. There's a special "registered" tag assigned to each donor when they create their account. So whether you're running a report, or just viewing an individual donor, you'll be able to quickly see their status.

Your Account Management

This new feature is currently available to every Clover Donations customer. As with all of our updates, it's completely free and we've rolled it out to everyone who has a Clover Donations account.

If you have any questions about this new feature, don't hesitate to call us at 805-527-8900 or email us at support@cloverdonations.com.

If you haven't signed up for Clover Donations yet, now is a great time to check it out!