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Clover Sites 3: Responsive Sites

Posted by admin on March 19, 2013

Hey everyone -

I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of the new features that will be in Clover Sites 3. It's something we've been excited about doing for a long time, and we think it'll be a great new part of the websites we provide.

It's called "responsive" design. Without going into too much technical detail, what it means is that a website changes its appearance based on the size of your browser.

There are lots of unique things you can do with responsive sites, but the most common feature is to show a different layout or style to mobile phones vs tablets vs desktop computers.

We built our donation forms in Clover Donations to be highly responsive. You can see an example in action here. If you're on a mobile device, you'll see a version that's made to fit your screen. Or if you're on a desktop computer, grab the corner of the browser and watch how the layout of the form changes as you make the screen narrower.

When it comes to full websites, there are lots of design changes you can make as the screen size changes. Here are some example sites where you can see the concept. Some are simple - like this one and this one. And others can get much more sophisticated.

Hopefully this gives you a taste of one of the new features we'll be offering. As always, we try to take care of all the technical aspects of things like this, so you don't have to even think about them! For our more tech-savvy users, we'll also be offering a feature similar to the preview in the Clover Donations form editor where you can see your site in different devices as you design it.

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