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Clover Donations: How To Use Funds Blog Feature

By: admin on March 5th, 2013

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Clover Donations: How To Use Funds

Clover Donations

One of the great features of Clover Donations is the ability to quickly and easily create an unlimited number of funds, and specify which funds are displayed on each form (or giving page) you create. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique, impactful, and focused donation forms for specific causes, campaigns, fundraisers, and more.

We've run across some creative customers who have used these features to raise money in truly unique ways. We thought we'd share just a few of these great ideas in hopes of inspiring you to be creative with your donation forms. By creating additional forms and using funds strategically, you can maximize the connection with your donors, your mission, and your cause.

And it's not just about putting multiple unrelated funds on one form, though that is one general approach. There will be times that creating a new form with one singular fund (or group of specific, related funds) is incredibly helpful in accomplishing your fundraising goals. Some of the examples below may help you decide between adding new funds, or creating a new form that uses just one fund to highlight a specific effort. We'll also be talking a lot more about funds and unique ways you can use them for specific needs in future posts.

1. Create a Form to Highlight a Specific Campaign:
In response to overwhelming interest and support, the non-profit organization For The Silent created a unique site and donation experience for "Run For The Silent" - a campaign which focuses on bringing hope to victims of sex trafficking, through runners who raise awareness. The new site is a place to connect the running community with the needs of exploited children. The donation form they've created is not only branded beautifully to match their site and uses recurring giving as an option for donation, but they also use funds as a way for their donors to choose which runner they would like to support as they bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking.

Take a look: https://forthesilent.cloverdonations.com/run/
Run For The Silent | Run

2. Create a Form to Support Missionaries:
Master's Resourcing Commission (MRC) uses their donation forms to help their donors give specifically to missionaries who are part of their program. Through their branded forms, donors can not only select who they want to give to, but, as we mentioned in our last Clover Donations post, they are also using the recurring giving option so people who come to the form to donate, have the option to give on a recurring basis to support their missionary of choice all year long. This is an excellent example of not only how to use funds uniquely, but how to combine that with recurring giving to meet a primary need for missionaries out in the field who rely on regular support to continue their work and meet their most basic needs.

Take a look: https://mrcpartners.cloverdonations.com/donate/
Master's Resourcing Commission | Donate

3. Create a General Form to Highlight Various Funds:
As a church or non-profit, having one general form with all funds displayed is a nice way to bring awareness to the multiple campaigns that are running, and funds that need support. In addition to having unique forms with singular funds for specific purposes, it does help sometimes to have one central form that houses every giving option for your supporters. It allows new visitors and longtime donors who use your general giving page or donation form, to be able to see new options available to them and select directly where they would like their money to go. Garden Community Church is just one example of a church that has really maximized the use of funds, creating a robust general form for their congregation.

Take a look: https://gardencommunitychurch.cloverdonations.com/garden-community-church/Garden Community Church | Online Giving

If you'd like more help with fund or have any questions, leave a comment, or get in touch with our wonderful customer support team by emailing support@cloverdonations.com or calling us at (805) 527-8900.