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New Green Thumb: Loami Christian Church Blog Feature

By: admin on February 12th, 2013

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New Green Thumb: Loami Christian Church

Green Thumbs

The visuals across this site are an excellent example of branding your website to match the look and feel of your specific organization. The web is overwhelmingly where nowadays, people look first before they decide to visit or get involved. Loami Christian has done a tremendous job using the large photo area to welcome new visitors, and lead them to pages where they can easily learn more about the church and what to expect before visiting for the first time. Their sense of style is on point and more importantly, what they say reinforces the welcoming, modern-yet-traditional, and easygoing feeling you get from the visual elements. The navigation and content is also very clear and straightforward, which is so important not just for visitors, but for members as well so they can quickly get a sense of "What's Happening" at the church as well as listen to messages, etc.

As a little bonus for this Green Thumb, we couldn't help but notice that Loami Christian Church has also created a great donation form, using Clover Donations for their online giving. The look and feel of the donation form matches their site beautifully, creating a seamless giving experience for their congregation. Kudos to Loami for such a great site and donation form!

Loami, IL Site Design: Rock Point

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