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By: admin on September 10th, 2012

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Server Status

Company News

Hey everyone -

We've been working since about 9:30am on server issues that have been affecting some clover sites. The issues have showed up in a few different ways, from problems uploading photos to some entire clover sites being down.

We've managed to pinpoint all the problems to one cause, which is a server failure at godaddy.com. Many of you have purchased your website address through them, and as a result of that, they control the records which point your site to our servers. In addition to that, cloversites.com, cloverdonations.com and many of our related web services have domains registered through them.

It looks like right now the problem will continue to show up in different ways - the most obvious being that some clover sites will not load at the moment. (Or they'll come up for some users and not for others).

As soon as the issue is fixed on godaddy's end, everything will resume working like normal. And we'll do our best to keep you updated. Feel free to follow us on twitter for more active updates: @cloversites.