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By: admin on May 10th, 2012

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Clover Donations: May Update

Company News

Hey Everyone. Long time no blog post...

Sorry for the lack of communication over these past few months, especially regarding our new product, Clover Donations. To say our heads have been down working long hours on this newest Clover venture would be a bit of an understatement. The entire team has been pushing as hard as we can to complete this project, and we're super pleased with how it's taking shape (and we think you will be too).

Before we give you a decent update, a bit of a confession... When we originally estimated our time frame for this new product, we not only underestimated the sheer amount of time we were going to need to pull it off, but we also underestimated how meticulous we'd be with each aspect of the project.

When we started development on Clover Donations in August of 2011, our plan was to quickly launch a solution to the online giving dilemma that a lot of our people were running into. We were planning on launching a product that would be comparable to the likes of PayPal or anyone else out there. That was realistically going to take right around 5 months for our team to pull off, so our original estimate of December made a ton of sense.

But as we got into the project, we realized that if we were to release a "comparable" product, we would be undercutting what our people really needed... Which is a total online giving solution, fully-editable and customizable by anyone in your organization, along with a system for donor management and reporting that doesn't require a PhD in finance to use.

We were faced with the reality of either 1) putting out a solution that is like everyone else's sooner, or 2) taking more time to release a product that will truly be the best, most complete product for our users.

And of course, we couldn't possibly choose option 1. That's just not Clover. We'd rather create a few truly great products during our lifetime than pump out twice as many mediocre ones.

You all have been so patient with us over the past few months. I know it might sound a little trite, but this extra time we're putting into the product prior to its release is going to be absolutely, 100% worth it. We've put a ton of time into the form editor (on our 3rd complete revision, which we're convinced now is perfect for you), making sure your forms are responsive (optimized for every single platform they're viewed on - iPhone, iPad, Droid, Desktop, etc), and the total experience from your side as well as your donors' side is as easy, intuitive and as beautiful as it can be.

We will be posting a video next week sometime giving you a true first-look at our product. We think you will be blown away.

And for those of you who have already seen Clover Donations at Exponential or Catalyst West or Dallas, hopefully you can vouch for the power of our new product!

Either way, thanks for your patience and excitement. Clover people are the best people. We'll post again next week with the video.