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Clover Donations (coming soon!) Blog Feature

By: admin on October 28th, 2011

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Clover Donations (coming soon!)

Company News

Exciting news!

We wanted to tell all of you about our brand new product called Clover Donations. We are creating the easiest and most intuitive way for your organization to accept donations online. We've been plugging away super hard at this new product for a few months now, and we're ready to tell the world about it.

Check out our announcement video below:

Many of you have been asking for a solution to online giving, and up to this point our recommendation has unfortunately been PayPal. We've decided to finally solve this problem and fix the gap in the church and non-profit industry in true Clover fashion. As easy and robust as it can possibly be.

Clover Donations will allow you to accept donations online. You will be able to accept money online from anywhere with an internet connection - whether from a computer, mobile phone or tablet... Your donors can give wherever they are.

You will also be able to accept all major credit cards as well as bank account transfers... with one-time gifts or automatic recurring donations. You can customize your donations forms for your organization, and even set up multiple different forms.

On top of simply accepting donations, you're also going to want to manage things. We created a brand new tool called the Donation Center. The Donations Center gives you donation reporting, transaction control, and even donor management. Plus, it allows you to customize your forms and receipt emails. It's designed specifically for churches and non-profits, so it should serve your needs much better than a generic payment processing company.

Pricing: If you know anything about the merchant service industry, you know that setting up the ability to take donations online is a beast of a task... You'd typically have to set up your own merchant account, gateway, and even find someone to create and host your online donation form, all with setup and monthly fees involved.

We really feel like this industry should be easier than that. We're working closely with a great company called CashLinq to drastically simplify the process, and allow us to set up everything you need for just $10/month (with no setup fee!). Plus you get the Donation Center and access to our awesome customer service.

Launch Date: As we mention in the video, we are shooting really hard for the beginning of December to allow you guys to have this product before the typical ramp up for end of the year giving. Once we're up and running, we'll be sure to announce it all over the place so you can sign up and start accepting donations!

In the meantime, check out www.cloverdonations.com to read a little more about our new product. (We'll have a full site coming later).


There has been a couple of new posts after this initial announcement. He have a pricing update post, as well as answers for a bunch of FAQ's. Check them out!