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$200 for every Clover referral for August Blog Feature

By: admin on August 1st, 2011

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$200 for every Clover referral for August

Company News

You read that correctly.

In honor of the launch of our brand new Photo Page, we are paying out 100% more for every referral to Clover that purchases a Clover website for the month of August. We felt this would be even more of a motivation to spread the word this summer (as if our normal $100/referral was too small) to all the people out there that need a touch of Clover in their lives.

The release of the Photo Page really opens Clover up even more to photographers, designers, realtors, and everyone else who has a huge need to have photo galleries on their websites. So keep doing what you're already doing and spread the word!

Remember, though- This promotion is for the month of August. The person or organization you refer needs to purchase a Clover website by August 31st, 2011 for you to get the cash. You also need to be a Clover Friend, so if you haven't signed up for our affiliate program do it today.

Good luck!