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You can now embed videos in your media player! Blog Feature

By: admin on July 25th, 2011

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You can now embed videos in your media player!

Company News

Hey everyone -

We're just about to launch the photo page, but we actually have a little surprise feature that we're rolling out today. We just made it so you can embed external videos in your media player.

That means that instead of using the video conversion that's built into Clover, you can directly embed videos from Vimeo or YouTube or any other video service!

This is especially useful for those of you who already put your videos on both your website and another video sharing site. Now you'll only have to upload and convert them once, which should save quite a bit of time.

It also means that you can put full HD videos in your media player, taking advantage of the super high quality video that services like Vimeo offer.

The new feature is very easy to use and your videos will be organized in your media player just like normal. So you can still add a title/speaker/description/etc and even attach a document to each one.

The only caveat is that embedded videos won't be included in your podcast (because iTunes can't handle them).

Try it out on your website or in a demo on cloversites.com.