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Two New Features: Social Links and Form Reporting Blog Feature

By: admin on June 22nd, 2011

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Two New Features: Social Links and Form Reporting

Company News

Along with the rest of the features we've been releasing recently, we're launching two more today!

Form Reporting

This was the most requested addition to the new form page feature. As of right now, you can enable reporting on any of your form pages, and we'll start storing all the submissions that come in. Then you can download a spreadsheet report that combines all the submissions from that form.

Check it out by going to the settings on any form page that you have (in your Greenhouse), or feel free to try it in a demo site. Here is a quick article with some form reporting tips.

Social Links

Easily add social media links on your site. In your Dashboard you can now set up links to your social networking sites by simply going to the "Site Settings" tab, then clicking "Social Links". This new features adds icons on your site that link to each of your profiles or pages.

We know a lot of you have been using your logo space and even have entire pages dedicated to pointing your visitors in the direction of your social media, so now you don't have to jimmy-rig it anymore!

I made this quick video showing you how to set it up. We hope you enjoy this awesome new feature: